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MS, Trisakti University

  • 7+ years of teaching experience

  • 100+ students tutored in STEM subjects

  • VP of Academics


MS, Trisakti University

Steven is a mentor and also the Head of Tutor at EduALL. He has 7 years of experience as a private STEM (Mathematics, Physics, & Chemistry) tutor for one of the best high schools in Jakarta, and has sent off his students through their impressive academic performance to top Asian Universities and scholarships.


His skills in tutoring and analytical thinking have been polished since his studies at Trisakti University by achieving The Best Graduate for Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering. His concern for youth had driven him to give mentoring not only about academics but also personality and life coaching. Books and music are his favorite things and have equipped him with a strong sense of balance between life and duty.

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