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We are an independent university consultant based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our mission is to ensure that students are thriving into the path they aspire to have in the future.

Our students come from many cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, and Surabaya, even outside of Indonesia; Singapore, US, and many more.

Diverse Area of Expertise

Our team is localized with the relevant first-hand knowledge of various education curricula. We have been there done that. We understand students’ concerns of competing on an international stage. We know how to supplement your educational experiences and bridge the gap.

Personalized Approach

We understand that you are unique and have your own strengths and weaknesses. We are committed to working hand in hand with you in forging your own university admission path. We don’t believe in “one-size fits all”, but in making the university application experience all about you.

Students Come First

We always emphasize the importance of a first-class service and putting our students first. We make a genuine commitment to helping you enter the school of your dreams.

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Question & Answer

  • What does EduALL do?

    We offer mentoring and learning programs for students to help them prepare for their intended university major. We also help students to find best fit universities along with equipping them with industry skills that they need to thrive in the path they choose.

  • How is EduALL different from education agents?

    Most education agents have formal partnerships with specific universities. However, we are an independent university consultant and we represent you instead of universities. Therefore, we craft our services to support your needs to first explore the best-fit universities and reach your intended major & university.

  • What does EduALL do?

    We work attentively in mapping out students’ potential as well as helping them identify their passion and goals. Based on this, we devise strategy and engage students in activities that will boost them up in the field they are passionate about.
    One of the most important things in university application is the stand out factor. We take our time getting to know each student’s characteristic and uniqueness, so that we can help them showcase their potential and personal brand to their application.

  • How will EduALL help my university application process?

    We do an initial consultation with students to obtain their current potential to match with their aspired goals. Then we strategize the A-Z of the admission plan, from the profile building, admission essay, and all the way to the interview preparation.
    We also engage students in experiential learning activities that will help strengthen their mentality and sharpen their knowledge in the field they are going for. A set of focused activities and experiences will make students’ application solid and unique.

  • Why should I trust EduALL?

    Our mentors graduated from world’s prestigious universities with various academic backgrounds, and are currently working in their field of expertise. The insights they provide are not limited to how students will get admitted to their dream schools and majors, but also expands to the passion-focus & industrial knowledge that students need after the academic pursuit.

  • Can you serve students based outside of Jakarta?

    Yes, we are able to mentor students through in-person meetings, virtual conferences, and draft-reviews by email. Our students who work remotely with us are as successful as those who meet us in person.

Our Team

Our team comprises of graduates from the world’s top universities with varied academic backgrounds and work experiences. We leverage-off diverse voices to accomplish our common vision – to empower every student with requisite real-world skills and extensive network to achieve their dreams.

  • Expert Mentor for Top University Admission

    Paul Edison

    BA, UC Berkeley

    • 10+ years of experience

    • 100+ mentees succeeded to top uni

    • Mentor and Training Manager

    Get to know Paul Edison
  • Expert Mentor for Top University Admission

    Sharon Angela

    MSc, Taipei Medical University

    • 3+ years of mentoring experience

    • 50+ mentees succeeded to top uni

    • US, Canada, UK, & Asia universities mentor

    Get to know Sharon Angela
  • Expert Mentor for Top University Admission

    Chiara Situmorang

    BA, University of Melbourne

    • 700+ admission essays handled

    • 25+ mentees succeeded to top uni

    • US, Canada, UK, & Australian universities mentor

    Get to know Chiara Situmorang
  • Expert Mentor for Top University Admission

    Kristian Tofan Purnama

    B.Sc, Corban University

    • 10+ years of experience

    • Experienced in 3 types of educational curricula

    • 6+ exploration programs handled

    Get to know Kristian Tofan Purnama
  • Expert Mentor for Top University Admission

    Andra Julinar

    MHRM, Murdoch University

    • 7+ years of professional experience in hospitality

    • Experienced in facilitating younger children in team building activities

    Get to know Andra Julinar
  • Expert Mentor for Profile Building

    Debora W. Paramitha

    MA, University College London

    • Head of Mentorship Program

    • 8+ years of curriculum development and teachers training experience & 5+ years experience of company strategic development

    • 10+ years teaching experience in Indonesia and UK & school leadership and management experience

    Get to know Debora W. Paramitha
  • Expert Tutor for IB & A-Level Academic Tutoring


    MS, Trisakti University

    • 7+ years of teaching experience

    • 100+ students tutored in STEM subjects

    • VP of Academics

    Get to know Steven
  • Top university Mentor

    Stefanus Suryono

    Psychology (Hons), BSc, M.Psi & Psi, James Cook University Singapore & Universitas Gadjah Mada

    • Educational and Career Psychologist

    • LPDP Awardee 2019

    • 5+ years of experience in education/training

    Get to know Stefanus Suryono
  • Expert Mentor for Top University Admission

    Thalia Priscilla

    S.H, Universitas Indonesia

    • 500+ admission essays handled

    • 5+ years of law professional & youth development experience

    • Humanities Learning Designer

    Get to know Thalia Priscilla
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