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Internship Benefits for Students

3 Min Read
November 03, 2022

By: Calysta Aurelia Tesiman

Students sometimes ovelook internships because it's often time-consuming and not really something a student would do in their free time. However, internships can be very useful especially in the long run. If you're still curious about internship benefits that you can get, keep reading to find out…

Build professional skills

Many skills take time to build: Public speaking, team leadership, or even Microsoft Excel is not something you can excel in overnight. Internships offer the right medium and atmosphere to start improving these skills. Whether it's presenting a presentation to your division, or typing up a database in Google Sheets, internships let you practice these skills in a realistic and professional setting. 

Make Connections

Internships always involve working with others in the company. Though interns normally don't get paid like other employees, this doesn't stop them from accessing the company's resources and network. A professional network is a very important aspect of your professional life, especially if you want to move up in your career. As students, a network can help you along the way of your university application if you're still in high school or a better chance to land on your dream company if you're a university student.

Gaining valuable work experience 

Internship programs are often short, but they let you take a glimpse of what working in a particular field looks like. During the internship period, your daily routine will often mimic the full-time employees, thus you'll be experiencing every single little aspect of working in your chosen field. By knowing what it takes to work in a field like this, you'll soon begin to realize your likes and dislikes. This will help you in your exploration, especially when you still don't know what to pursue in university. This is one of internship benefits that you have to always remember!

Get new opportunities in advance 

The experience you get from an internship is valuable. With prior experience, you are deemed more skillful in the eyes of future employers, thus internships really can open new doors of opportunity as you move along. This is especially true in university-level internships where thousands of students are fighting for internship positions. With prior experience written clearly on your CV, you'll be put on an advantage compared to other students. 

Gain financial compensation 

Though most internships are not paid, some companies offer financial compensation. This is one of many internship benefits that students love! After all your hard work, it's nice to know that your effort is valuable. This makes internships another great way to earn some extra cash for yourself while also helping you to become more financially conscious and independent. But remember, don't join an internship just for the money, but instead focus on the experience you'll gain. Some internships in big organizations like NASA and Microsoft are even designed to boost the interns' professional and technical skills. 

These are just 5 of the many benefits of internships. Do you plan to do one?

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