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Unveiling Dartmouth College: What High Schoolers NEED to Know!

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September 01, 2023

As high school students, you may be starting to think about your future and where you'd like to attend college. Imagine you want a college that not only provides an excellent education, but also embraces sustainability and environmental awareness. Look no further than Dartmouth College! Dartmouth is committed to becoming a leading institution in sustainability and renewable energy. Let’s find out more below!

Dartmouth College Profile

Dartmouth College is a private school established in 1769. It's located in a rural area and has a campus that covers 237 acres. The college follows a quarter-based academic calendar. In the 2022-2023 edition of Best Colleges, Dartmouth is ranked #12 among National Universities. The tuition and fees for attending Dartmouth College amount to $62,430.

Dartmouth College, situated in Hanover, New Hampshire, offers lots of things for students to do. There are over 30 NCAA Division I varsity sports teams to join. Almost all students live on campus, with various types of housing like dorms, fraternity and sorority houses, college-approved coeds, and undergraduate societies. Many students also take part in Greek organizations, which are central to social life at Dartmouth. The most popular student organization is the Outing Club, the oldest and biggest collegiate outing club in the country. It arranges outdoor activities, expeditions, gear rentals, and courses. Additionally, Dartmouth is where the programming language BASIC was created.

The Environmental Friendly Initiatives

Dartmouth College has set a big goal: they aim to use 100% renewable energy by 2050. The whole campus is working together to make this happen. For example, FOCO (the ‘53 Commons Dining Hall) uses reusable food containers. Students can get involved too – if you undertake Environmental Studies as your major or minor, you can help contribute to this important effort.

The Dartmouth Sustainability Office is a place where students can take part in weekly Sustainable Action Workshops, listen to experienced guest speakers, and have collaborative dinners to discuss ideas. If you're interested, you can even apply for sustainability internships each term. For those who love getting hands-on with nature, Dartmouth's Organic Farm is a great spot. You can try out activities like beekeeping, tapping maple syrup from sugar maple trees, and sustainable fish farming. It's a chance for every student to connect with the environment and be part of the change.

Students’ Life at Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College has so many fun events and activities that some people say there's not enough time to do them all. The Outdoor Programs Office (OPO) is there to help everyone at Dartmouth, including students and staff, to experience and enjoy the beautiful nature of New England. One cool group within OPO is the Dartmouth Outing Club. Anyone can use their cabins, go on trips, rent gear, and take classes, and there's even funding and grants available to support these adventures.

From its commitment to sustainability and renewable energy to a thriving community of environmentally-conscious students, Dartmouth offers an exceptional educational experience that goes beyond the classroom.

If you aim to be part of this dynamic community at Dartmouth College, ALL-in is here to help!