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More than just a university consultant, EduALL empowers students through personalized guidance in academics, university and major selection, personal brand, and extracurriculars.

We go beyond by fostering a growth mindset, providing access to professionals, project-making, and real-world problem-solving.

Join EduALL for a transformative journey toward success and societal impact, shaping future changemakers.

Our Programs

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  • Undergraduate
  • Graduate
  • University Transfer
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  • Academic Tutoring
  • SAT/ACT Prep Class
  • TOEFL/IELTS Prep Class
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  • Global Immersion Program
  • Community Empowerment Program
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We guide our mentees in discovering their passions and interests through exposure to diverse learning opportunities, professionals from various fields, and real-world challenges. We aim to ignite curiosity and help students define their unique paths.


This is where we assist mentees in shaping a well-rounded academic and extracurricular persona. We work together to identify strengths, achievements, and experiences that will set them apart, creating a compelling and authentic profile for university applications.


We strategically prepare students for their chosen major by offering tailored guidance for international curricula and specialized coaching for standardized tests. From course selection to targeted improvement strategies, we empower students for success in university studies and competitive admissions.


Crafting a compelling narrative is key. We offer guidance on personal statements, essays, and other written components of university applications. Through thoughtful storytelling and impactful writing, we aim to showcase each student's unique qualities, aspirations, and contributions.

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  • Expert Mentor for Top University Admission EduALL Logo

    Paul Edison

    BA, UC Berkeley

    • 10+ years of experience

    • 100+ mentees succeeded to top uni

    • Mentor and Training Manager

    Get to know Paul Edison
  • Expert Mentor for Top University Admission EduALL Logo

    Sharon Angela

    MSc, Taipei Medical University

    • 3+ years of mentoring experience

    • 50+ mentees succeeded to top uni

    • US, Canada, UK, & Asia universities mentor

    Get to know Sharon Angela
  • Expert Mentor for Top University Admission EduALL Logo

    Chiara Situmorang

    BA, University of Melbourne

    • 700+ admission essays handled

    • 25+ mentees succeeded to top uni

    • US, Canada, UK, & Australian universities mentor

    Get to know Chiara Situmorang
  • Expert Mentor for Top University Admission EduALL Logo

    Kristian Tofan Purnama

    B.Sc, Corban University

    • 10+ years of experience

    • Experienced in 3 types of educational curricula

    • 6+ exploration programs handled

    Get to know Kristian Tofan Purnama
  • Expert Mentor for Top University Admission EduALL Logo

    Andra Julinar

    MHRM, Murdoch University

    • 7+ years of professional experience in hospitality

    • Experienced in facilitating younger children in team building activities

    Get to know Andra Julinar
  • Expert Mentor for Profile Building EduALL Logo

    Debora W. Paramitha

    MA, University College London

    • 5+ years of experience

    • Head of Mentorship Program

    Get to know Debora W. Paramitha
  • Expert Tutor for IB & A-Level Academic Tutoring EduALL Logo


    MS, Trisakti University

    • 7+ years of teaching experience

    • 100+ students tutored in STEM subjects

    • VP of Academics

    Get to know Steven
  • Top university Mentor EduALL Logo

    Stefanus Suryono

    Psychology (Hons), BSc, M.Psi & Psi, James Cook University Singapore & Universitas Gadjah Mada

    • Educational and Career Psychologist

    • LPDP Awardee 2019

    • 5+ years of experience in education/training

    Get to know Stefanus Suryono
  • Expert Mentor for Top University Admission EduALL Logo

    Thalia Priscilla

    S.H, Universitas Indonesia

    • 500+ admission essays handled

    • 5+ years of law professional & youth development experience

    • Humanities Learning Designer

    Get to know Thalia Priscilla

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  • Digital SAT Registration Deadline for May Test

    Apr, 19 2024
  • Digital SAT Test

    May, 04 2024
  • Digital SAT Registration Deadline for June Test

    May, 16 2024
  • Digital SAT Test

    Jun, 01 2024
  • Clinical Apprenticeship Program (Batch 1)

    Jun, 17 2024
  • Clinical Apprenticeship Program (Batch 2)

    Jul, 04 2024
  • Community Empowerment Program in Bali

    Jul, 07 2024

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Empowering 700+ Minds for Global Success – From Exceptional Personal Projects! to Top Universities Worldwide!

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Valencia Kandilla

Admission Mentoring - Neuroscience, University of Pennsylvania

13 Universities Acceptance  | CAD $20,000 Scholarship Offer University of British Columbia

Vincent Onggo

Vincent Onggo


Grade 11

success stories alt 3

Stanislas Alysha Wang

Film Producing, USC School of Cinematic Arts

4 Universities Acceptance | 2 Scholarship Offers Columbia College DePaul University | 2% Acceptance Rate USC School of Cinematic Arts

success stories alt 4

Darren Adrian, Dylan Lim, Rayandra Harun, Brandon Widodo


Grade 10-12

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  • The Passion Xplorer program was an experience I’m so glad to have gotten the opportunity to join. It allowed me not only to pursue my interest in business by learning the important
    skills but also experience a real-life simulation of providing improvements to an actual restaurant! This was definitely a memorable experience allowing me to not only make new friends but also think outside the box and work on my presentation and speaking skills.

    Abigail Catherina Rusli

    Passion Xplorer

    Experiential Learning Read more
  • I personally think that the way my tutor teaches me is really effective and enjoyable. I hope and look forward to continuing and learning more with the Academic Tutoring program. BIG THANKS!


    Academic Tutoring

    Academic Tutoring Read more
  • We actually wanted support for the Personal Statements and other Supplementary Essays for the University Applications and we received perfect support for it. Anushka wrote all those write-ups by herself through guidance and brainstorming with the mentors.

    Mr. Ashish

    (Parents, Anushka’s father)

    Admissions Mentoring Read more
  • My earliest struggle is about what needs to be done regarding my uni prep. I don't even know how to start one. But after getting thorough guidance from my mentor, I now know what I need to do and how to do it. Thanks ALL-in!

    Ramzi Putera Faisal

    Tokyo International University

    Undergraduate Program Read more
  • The tutor's explanation is clear and his teaching style is friendly and relatable, making it easier to understand the concept

    Warren Nathaniel Kusumo

    +3 ACT Points
    30 → 33

    SAT/ACT Preparation Read more

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