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We are so proud of our hardworking mentees for their achievements.
See the success stories of how our mentees manage their projects or land their seat in top universities!

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Valencia Kandilla

Admission Mentoring - Neuroscience, University of Pennsylvania

13 Universities Acceptance  | CAD $20,000 Scholarship Offer University of British Columbia

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Valencia joined EduALL when she was already in Grade 12 and already had a lot of activities on her plate in the beginning, but not much related to her interest in biology and neuroscience. She followed through with suggestions of things she needed to do such as joining more research competitions even though she already had school activities lined up in her final year. 

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Stanislas Alysha Wang

Film Producing, USC School of Cinematic Arts

4 Universities Acceptance | 2 Scholarship Offers Columbia College DePaul University | 2% Acceptance Rate USC School of Cinematic Arts

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From dancing to swimming to filmmaking, our first impression of Alysha was that she is a very multi-talented person. Despite her busy schedule of dancing classes and swimming practices, she surprisingly excelled in her academic performance as well! When it comes to the time for the university application process, she was initially aiming for middle-ranked universities to learn about filmmaking. However, seeing her potential, we encouraged her to try to apply for USC even though she was very doubtful at first. 

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Darren Lee

Political Economy, UC Berkeley

4 Universities Acceptance | $80,000+ SCHOLARSHIP UC Berkeley Regents' and Chancellor's Scholarship + Koshland May Scholarship

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Darren’s passion in political science and social issues shows from his participation in 7 extracurricular, 2 community services, 3 work experiences during high school including the Model United Nations, Student Council, also environmental and wildlife conservation communities. Despite his interests that look serious, he’s a fun person that loves to play drums and guitar, swim, run in marathons, and joke around with his peers.

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Rashika Marpaung & Rachinta Marpaung

Admission Mentoring - Rachinta, Electrical Engineering, Columbia University - Rashika, Engineering Georgia Tech

Rachinta 11 University Acceptances | Rashika 10 University Acceptances

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The twins joined the mentoring program quite early and still have more than a year to prepare their university application with ALL-in. With the same interests in engineering, it wasn’t hard for the mentors to explore that part of the topic for both of them. Both also have worked on their profile when we first met them, but the challenge was to step up their activities and create strong profiles that stand out without sabotaging one another.

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Btari Adhiesta Laksono

Admission Mentoring - Dartmouth

13 University Acceptances | 2 Ivy League Acceptances

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When she first had her initial consultation, she was already on the right track as her profile and essay were basically ready. However, it is noticeable that Dhiesta lacked confidence in herself and needed to be more confident with her work.

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