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ALL-in Eduspace is an independent university consultant specializing in developing hands-on exploration programs and university preparation advising for students age 13-18.

We provide real-life experiences and professional skills needed, networking opportunities with professionals in various fields, project mentoring, and up to university application preparation.

We help students explore their dream career paths, equipping them with the industry skills that they need to thrive whilst also fostering an awareness of the impact they could have on the community.

All-Around Exploration

We understand that students are unique in their own interests, especially in their teenage years. We want them to explore these interests broadly by having them engage in workshops that explore various careers and industries, then deepen their understanding of these industries through internships, academic research projects, competitions, or community service activities with our SMEs and start-up partners.

Diverse Area of Expertise

Our team is localized with relevant first-hand knowledge of various education curricula. We have been there done that. We understand students’ concerns of competing on an international stage. We know how to supplement their educational experiences and bridge the gap.

Long-Term Results

Our mentors provide insight on the skills, experiences, and industry knowledge students need beyond their academic pursuit. This way, not only do we help students confirm their interests, establish career goals, and find the right university major for them, but we also help them build a profile that stands out for their university applications.

Our Team

  • Paul

    BA, UC Berkeley

    EduALL mentor Expert Mentor for Top University Admission
    Paul graduated with an English major at UC Berkeley and went...
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  • Sharon

    MSc, Taipei Medical University

    EduALL mentor Expert Mentor for Top University Admission
    As EduALL's experiential and career exploration program expe...
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  • Chiara

    BA, University of Melbourne

    EduALL mentor Expert Mentor for Top University Admission
    Chiara is in charge of whipping our mentee’s universit...
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  • Kristian
    Tofan Purnama

    B.Sc, Corban University

    EduALL mentor Expert Mentor for Top University Admission
    Kristian is a program developer and a mentor at EduALL, focu...
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  • Andra

    MHRM, Murdoch University

    EduALL mentor Expert Mentor for Top University Admission
    Andra’s background in hotel management and HR manageme...
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  • Debora
    W. Paramitha

    MA, University College London

    EduALL mentor Expert Mentor for Profile Building
    Anne is the Head of Mentorship, driving strategic planning, ...
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  • teven

    MS, Trisakti University

    EduALL mentor Expert Tutor for IB & A-Level Academic Tutoring
    With 7 years of experience as a private STEM (Mathematics, P...
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  • Stefanus

    Psychology (Hons), BSc, M.Psi & Psi, James Cook University Singapore & Universitas Gadjah Mada

    EduALL mentor Top university Mentor
    Stefanus is a career psychologist. He has a strong interest ...
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  • Thalia

    S.H, Universitas Indonesia

    EduALL mentor Expert Mentor for Top University Admission
    Thalia, an EduALL mentor with a background in corporate law,...
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