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We offer a personalized 1-on-1 admission mentoring service that will serve as an academic walk-through for community college or university students to get accepted at their dream university.


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In-Depth University Targeting Strategy & Research

Understand the core concept of your intended major and strategize on the target university.

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Course Designing

Check on initial courses to take, transferable courses, and courses to take in the next few quarters/semesters based on their desired major.

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CV Touch-Up & Profile Building

Find and curate the best-fit activities with hands-on guidance throughout the process with our mentors, whether it is the undergraduate research or internship opportunities, and improve your CV.

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Well-Rounded University Application

We help students with essays, activity resumes, letter of recommendation, standardized testing strategy and other information needed for each application.

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Supplementary Documents Guidance

Get support for your transfer admission additional requirements such as interviews, standardized tests, or language proficiency tests.

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Successful Transfer Students Consulting

Insights and tips from students who successfully transferred from a community college or university to their target universities and activities they did prior to transfer.


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Analyzing overall grades, course rigor at school and the required standardized tests to match with the targeted universities’ level of competitiveness

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Exploration is essential to identify what to pursue in the future and, therefore, allows student to choose the right major

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Personal Brand

The impactful aspect that makes a student’s qualities stand out in admission

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Writing Skills & University Application

A required skill needed to clearly communicate student’s personal brand in university application and for university study

University Transfer Admission Mentoring offers a different kind of approach than the usual university admission program. Here, students will be able to not just select specific courses for their transfer purpose, but also network and enhance their resume through various activities based on their passion and interests while fulfilling the transfer application process.

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Our expert mentors are here to support current university students who intend to transfer from community college to a university or from one university to another university through our special and proven mentoring strategy.

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  • ALL-in Eduspace has contributed majorly to my admissions for BU. The amazing mentors have guided me from the very beginning. My mentor assisted me in planning the development of my experiences and resume which greatly impacted the college’s decision. She also offered her connections to help me achieve that goal. Not only that, she and the ALL-in essay editors also helped me greatly in writing my application essay. Overall I believe I wouldn’t be where I am without ALL-in!

    Carlix Andra Hasim

    Shoreline Community College → Boston University

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  • I decided to join ALL-in because I felt like I needed additional support in my university application. I specifically chose to get help from ALL-in because I wanted an objective perspective on my university to shortlist, and not one that could be influenced by university recruiting agencies. I also looked for a mentor figure that would guide me to achieve my fullest potential, and not provide me with all the answers out of the gate.

    Kenneth Sutedjo

    Purdue University → University of Wisconsin-Madison

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Every year, 150+ of our mentees have gotten into their dream universities. It’s time for your turn.

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