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Need Some Input about Your Student Project? Read More Here!

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April 25, 2023

Student projects are an essential activity if you are aiming to get into top universities. It can also improve your application to get an acceptance letter. Not only that, it can help you boost your skills by applying your knowledge to practice. Are you looking for some inspiration and recommendations? Take a look below!

Project Based Learning

Project-based learning is a teaching method that allows students to learn by working on real-world projects that are relevant to their lives. It’s a hands-on and interactive way of learning where you are given the opportunity to tackle problems and challenges, just like they would in the real world.

In project-based learning, you work in teams to research, plan, and create a project that showcases what they’ve learned. This method of learning is student-centered, meaning that the students take the lead in their own learning and the teacher acts as a guide to help them reach their goals.

According to research by University of Southern California and Michigan State University, they found that nearly half of students in project-based classrooms passed their AP tests, outperforming students in traditional classrooms by 8 percentage points. Students from low-income households saw similar gains compared to their wealthier peers, making a strong case that well-structured PBL can be a more equitable approach than teacher-centered ones.

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Recommended Scientific Projects Curated by ALL-in Mentors

According to research by Ali Meydan from Nevsehir Haci Bektas Veli University, students who participated in project competitions developed a scientific point of view. In a sense, scientific projects reflec scientific process steps into a student's life. It helps them develop critical thinking skills, prompting scientific thought.

Here is an example of science project idea that solve many community challenges, encourage sustainability, and can be easily carried out by high school students: 

Rice Substitute Food Innovation

Indonesia is the world's third largest producer of rice and the staple food for the majority of its population. However, most of Indonesia's population consumes rice so their carbohydrate needs are not diverse and as a result nutrition is not fulfilled, therefore food tech is a solution to this problem by combining a variety of foods for consumption as a substitute for rice. In its implementation, students can do:

  • Research on substitutes for rice with other affordable carbohydrate sources
  • Conduct independent experiments and be guided by a teacher/mentor
  • Socialization to the public and promotion to social media
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Recommended Entrepreneur Project by ALL-in Mentors

According to research by Ciputra University Surabaya, PBL methods in accounting and management science can support students as they build and pioneer their businesses. PBLs also contribute to students’ success in calculating and determining the cost of products in the business projects they initiate.

Here is an example of entrepreneur project idea that solve many community challenges, encourage sustainability, and can be easily carried out by high school students: 

An Organization Empowering Women Farmers Groups Through Training and Digital Platforms

To empower farmer women's groups, continuous efforts are needed so that their existence becomes a solution not only from an environmental perspective but can have an economic impact on the community. Empowerment of women farming groups is an implementation in the form of a digital website/application to facilitate farmer groups in each village to:

  • Promote environmental sustainability through videos and content.
  • Selling raw products (organic vegetables and fruit) whose market can be for diet business producers and the upper middle class.
  • Selling finished products in the form of creative food.

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Students are the future leaders and problem-solvers of our society, and they have the potential to make a significant impact on the world around them. Through a student project, students can develop their skills and knowledge, and put their ideas into action. Not only that, you can also help develop and help create a sustainable community.

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