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Working in Asia: In-Demand Jobs in the Future

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November 03, 2022

By: Claresta Audrey Tjandra

Working in Asia is something that you could aim after graduating university. With the global pandemic kicking off and its resulting wave of layoffs, the new decade has been filled with ups and downs, especially in the job market. If you're still wondering which jobs are on the upswing in Asia, be sure to read!

Digital Marketing

  • Specific job roles: Social Media Specialist, Digital Marketing Specialist, Marketing Analyst
  • Key skills: Social media marketing, Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, Keyword Research

With the pandemic, face-to-face interactions cease to exist, and businesses and brands must rely on internet media to communicate with customers. This gives rise to a continually evolving digital sector, especially with social media appearing to be a place to explore for almost everyone in the midst of lockdown. As businesses and brands have experienced the huge influence brought by social media, the need for digital marketing experts has been on the rise. 


Data Analytics 

  • Specific job roles: Data analyst, Data science, Business Development Analyst, Data Engineer
  • Key skills: Data analysis, SQL, Machine Learning, Data science 

In recent years, businesses and companies have gone through digital transformations, especially with the usage of one crucial resource - data. Data serves countless purposes from finding trends and patterns in consumer behaviour, to improving productivity within the workplace. The need to run data-centric projects and make data-driven decisions has given rise to a high demand of data specialists in Asia, particularly in cities such as Bangkok, Jakarta and Singapore. 


Medical frontline / Healthcare 

  • Specific job roles: Physical Therapist Assistant, Medical Specialist, Medical Officer, Medical Technologist
  • Key skills: Medical assisting, Medical technology, Medical education

The healthcare industry has been expanding in recent years, which has been compounded by the widespread of the pandemic. There is a growing demand for high-quality health care services, as well as longer life expectancies. Countless lives have been lost in health outbreaks and pandemics, and medical experts are in high demand to help mitigate the pandemic's unprecedented impacts.


Technology and Software

  • Top job roles: Artificial Intelligence Engineer, System analyst, Full stack engineer, Front End Engineer, Cloud architect
  • Key skills: JavaScript, Software Development, Machine learning, Software development

Without a doubt, technology has been blowing up in the past few decades. From ride-hailing to communications, telehealth, and payment systems, technology is continually being adopted by companies to play an essential role. Tech companies are on the rise, and if you're the go-to tech geek everyone calls for help, be sure to take part!


The future of work has undoubtedly changed. Everything goes uncertain with the pandemic, thus learning and understanding about possible career options is important to put yourself in a future-proof career!

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