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Why Do We Need Mentors to Prepare for University Applications?

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November 07, 2022

Greetings fellow readers! I am Anushka Daruka, an incoming freshman at the Simon Fraser University, Canada. I will be majoring in Business Administration and Management. I'd like to share my experience applying to universities and why I believe that we need mentors to prepare for university applications.

Senior year can certainly be one of the most exciting, scary, and overwhelming times during high school. Let's picture it for a moment: All these years you've looked up to your seniors going into great universities. And finally, you are about to do the same!

It's all so close yet so far when reality strikes back and you realize it's past midnight while you still have a full essay to finish after an entire day of school, after-school activities, and a Math test tomorrow morning. Did I forget to mention that mock exams are just around the corner?

Should You Get Help With Your College Applications?

During this time, university applications can be both challenging and stressful, especially if you don't have someone in your life who's familiar with the process. Despite the abundant information that flooded your way, from school counselors, or endless hours of scouring through websites, or watching tutorials, it's normal to feel lost and unclear. But it also means that you should seek out 'help'.

There is nothing to be ashamed of. You could be pretty much confused with anything and everything. But seeking out guidance, brainstorming, and getting constructive criticism from mentors can be very helpful in this journey.

Some Problems You May Encounter During the Process (But Not Limited To):

  1. You can't figure out which universities to apply to
  2. You're not sure how to write your essays
  3. You don't understand the requirements of your university
  4. You're not sure how to prepare for or when to take your standardized tests
  5. You're not sure what the scholarship requirements are

Identifying the problem that you struggle with makes it easier to understand from who you might want to seek help. Whether it is your school counselors, graduated seniors, admissions officers of the university you are applying to, or even an all-around mentor. Some may not have all the answers, but chances are they can direct you to someone who can.

My Experience

Before ALL-in Eduspace

Having had shortlisted my universities and their respective application requirements, I started working on drafting my personal essay around August of my senior year. I still recall spending days just sitting and staring at my laptop screen not knowing what to write about.

Fast forward to a month later, I managed to write 4 drafts, still clueless if I was even doing it right. And with my days blurring into Google classroom assignments and deadlines stacked one after another, the process of writing application essays got even more tedious. I realized school assignments would never end, and putting off applications to do it last minute could be disastrous. That's when I approached one of my seniors for help and found out about ALL-in!

After ALL-in Eduspace

With the help of mentors at ALL-in, I was able to get a sense of direction through brainstorming essay outlines and personal branding. Getting a clearer picture of what I was communicating through my essays, and detailed and constructive feedback helped me portray the best version of myself.

REMEMBER! You are not getting someone else to do the essays for you, it was still all on me. But you are seeking out the guidance you need.

With Mentor vs Without Mentor

Guidance from experienced and skilled mentors Possible confusion from reading tons of websites, guides, and resources 
More efficient as you know what you are doing Wasting time on doing something you are not sure of
Direct and focused feedback on all essays Asking friends to read, limited feedback

All in all, don't be afraid to reach out for mentoring. After all, not everyone has it figured out their first time applying for universities. Know that doing it all alone can get mentally draining, especially under the pressure. Seeking mentoring helped me not just secure offers in all my universities that I thought I might not get into, but also helped me embrace the journey.

Don't forget to give yourself the time you need and appreciate all the support you get, including that from your family!