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University of Cambridge Ranking: All World-Class Subject

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November 03, 2022

The University of Cambridge is a research university in Cambridge, the United Kingdom, that was founded in the early 1200s and is the third-oldest surviving university in the world. There are six notable schools at the University of Cambridge: arts and humanities; biological sciences; clinical medicine; humanities and social sciences; physical sciences; and technology. It also contains around 31 residential colleges, 3 of which are women-only.

University of Cambridge Ranking

Colleges and universities are ranked according to their performance across a number of factors and indicators of excellence.

University of Cambridge Rankings

  • #8 in Best Global Universities
  • #2 in Best Global Universities in Europe
  • #2 in Best Global Universities in the United Kingdom

The Best Subjects in the University of Cambridge Ranking

1. Arts and Humanities (#3 in the World)

Arts and humanities are normally a single academic discipline. Moreover, this is a major that specializes in the areas of human culture, context, and achievements. Furthermore, they mainly examine the many ways humans understood and expressed themselves throughout different subject areas and broad timeframes in history.

The University of Cambridge has a diverse community of instructors that teaches most of the subjects listed under this umbrella. Moreover, this subject includes architecture and history of art, Asian and Middle Eastern studies, classics, divinity, English, modern and medieval languages, music, and philosophy.

2. Biology and Biochemistry (#5 In the world)

Biology is the study of living organisms and their anatomy and physiology, while biochemistry is the study of the chemistry of these organisms. Biochemistry is also considered an area of biology, and research in both areas helps to discover how living organisms function in the real world.

The University of Cambridge's Department of Biochemistry is located in the center of Cambridge, across from the Hopkins and Sanger buildings. Moreover, it holds numerous notable undergraduate and postgraduate education programs, with over 40 research groups led by investigators. Also, they study many aspects of biology, including Chemical Biology & Drug Design, Disease Biology, Molecular Microbiology, Stem Cell Biology, and Systems Biology. Furthermore, the University has state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, which include protein chemistry, metabolomics, crystallography, cryo-electron microscopy, and mass spectrometry.

3. Cell Biology (#4 in the world)

The study of cell structure and function is the definition of cell biology. Also, it is based on the idea that a cell is the basic building block of all life. Moreover, a thorough grasp of the tissues and organisms that cells make up is made possible by concentrating on the cell. While some creatures just contain one cell, others consist of massive cooperative groupings with many cells. Furthermore, cell biology as a whole concentrates on the structure and function of a cell, from the most universal characteristics shared by all cells to the distinctive, extremely complex functions exclusive to specialized cells.

The University of Cambridge has a lot of facilities. Moreover, all of them have a great quality of education to ensure that the students will get the best experience here. Also, it provides students with late research and opportunities to bring real change into the world through cell biology.


The University of Cambridge is one of the most famous and highest-ranking universities in the world with exceptional classes and programs, which is why many students set their sights on this glorious school. However, rankings don't define everything; there are other factors that can make your experience with a school better or worse, so remember to do thorough research!

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