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Two Types of University Admission in USA

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November 07, 2022

If you are going to pursue your education in USA, there are 2 types of admission to US college and universities. There are the direct 4-year route and 2+2 route.

The 4-year route is the traditional university admission in which student attends a bachelor program in a university. In the 2+2 route, student will spend the first two years in a community college (and earn an associate degree if they stay for the full two years) and then transfer to a bachelor program in a university for the remaining 2 years. These institutions accept post-secondary students from various ages and academic backgrounds. Each route has its own advantages as you can read below.  

Benefits of the 2+2 Route

  1. Affordability

If money is an issue for you, going to community college first is an excellent choice. This means you can take more classes that suit your interest since they are not as expensive as in university. Attending community college could also help you buy some time as you prepare your financial support for the upcoming university years.  

  1. Flexible Schedule

In contrast to university, class schedules in community college are relatively more flexible. It offers night classes and other options. If you plan to work while studying (remember that you can only work on-campus for a maximum of 20 hours a week as a F-1 visa holder), this would be the most convenient option.  

  1. Accessible Classes

Classes generally have smaller size, as few as twenty students per class. Thus, it is possible for you to get more assistance from your professor. If you struggle in high school, attending community college first could help you prepare for university years.  

Benefits of 4-Year University

  1. Campus Life

Although you could join clubs and organizations in community colleges, the numbers and variety are incomparable to those in universities. If you want to taste the experience you see in movies about university, this route will certainly allow you to live it. It will help you expand not only your knowledge but also your social skills.  

  1. Broader Options

The most significant benefit of the 4-year university is the availability of rich educational options. Your options will not be limited as you can get more degree programs, majors and class options. For example, as a marketing student, you can get involved in graduate students' research projects and get a minor in Biology or Physics.  

  1. Rigorous Curriculum

Since community colleges offer flexible schedules with lighter demands to accommodate literally everyone who wants to study, most students are not required to push their abilities to the limits. If you are a dedicated student who want to reach your fullest potential, community college may not be intellectually stimulating to you. In universities, you are encouraged to accomplish bigger goals and eventually push yourself harder.   With its own advantages, you could be baffled to determine your choice. Since each student has different background, you need a personal guidance that could understand your needs. At ALL-In Eduspace, we offer tailored services that will certainly help you pick the best suited options for your study abroad. Feel free to contact us to book our service!