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Top University of Oxford Majors in 2022

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November 04, 2022

Have you ever wondered what the top majors are at the University of Oxford? Whether you're a student who is still trying to decide on a major, or simply curious about what other degrees are offered at Oxford, this article will take you through each of the top five majors.

The University of Oxford is the second-best university in the world according to QS World University Rankings 2022. Here is the list of top majors at the University of Oxford according to US News:

Philosophy and Theology

Philosophy develops analytical rigor as well as the ability to critically evaluate and reason logically. It enables you to apply these skills to a wide range of contemporary and historical schools of thought and individual thinkers. Moreover, it allows you to questions ranging from how we acquire knowledge and make moral judgments to central questions in religious philosophy.

Theology studies the intellectual underpinnings of religious traditions as well as the social and cultural circumstances in which religious thought and practice take place. It brings together historical, textual, linguistic, social, literary-critical, and philosophical abilities and disciplines.

Modern Languages

Modern Languages provides both practical training in written and spoken language. Furthermore, it gives a thorough introduction to European literature and thinking. You can study a wide range of literature or focus your studies on any time from the medieval to the current day. This is in addition to learning to write and speak the language(s) fluently. Other courses such as linguistics, philology, film, or gender studies, as well as advanced translation (in French and German) are available.


Geography is an interdisciplinary degree that combines the natural and social sciences. These subjects enhance a wide range of transferable skills. Also, it provides an education that covers important concerns on a variety of scales, from local to global. The degree covers a lot of themes. These are Climate and environmental change, inequality, social, economic, and cultural transition.

English Language and Literature

The English Language and Literature at Oxford is one of the most comprehensive in the UK. ere, you will study English writing from its Anglo-Saxon origins to the present day. Also, you can study works published in English from all over the world, as well as others that were initially written in other languages. Also, this allows you to think about English literature in multilingual and global contexts over time. Studying this major will give you a lot of freedom. Both in terms of developing your personal interests across core papers and in terms of selecting a dissertation topic and a unique option for your final year.

Human Sciences

Human Sciences is an interdisciplinary degree program that allows students to explore humans from a variety of angles, including biological and social scientific perspectives. Furthermore, the degree is based on the recognition that understanding links between biological, social, and cultural phenomena. These are critical for addressing the key difficulties and problems that humans face in an ever-changing environment. Also, the curriculum is a fun and challenging alternative to typical undergraduate programs.

As Oxford is a university of great prestige, even the most unusual courses have the potential to be a success. These types of courses not only help students to develop their skills and interests but also open their minds to new perspectives and theories.

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