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Here are the Top 5 University Programs in the US

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November 07, 2022

Here are the Top 5 University Programs in the USuni

In this article, we have compiled 5 most favourite majors in US colleges and universities from various sources to help you make your choice. However, it is crucial to choose a major that you are interested in the most – studying one that your parents pick for you may not yield optimum results.

  1. Computer Science

This program has gradually become more popular in the last two decades, thanks to the rapid development of new technology. If you are passionate to study about hardware, software, and anything tech-related, this could be a perfect choice. Computer science opens to a vast range of subjects, from gaming to artificial intelligence. Job opportunities for computer science graduates are widely available – you could easily land a high-salary position if you are good at it.

  1. Business Management and Administration

This classic program is still one of the most popular undergraduate major in US. Although it has higher percentage of male students, but the number of female students are increasing steadily. Courses include general business, marketing, business policy and strategy, finance, accounting, and management. This program gives you a solid foundation to become future leaders in business.

  1. Communications

With the growing importance of 21st century skills, there are lots of prospective students who are undoubtedly interested in this major in the US. Striving to be a good communicator, you will learn strategic ways to compose speeches and scripts, master how to impress large audience, interpret meanings, and comprehend various perspectives. You have a lot of career options from media journalist to politician.

  1. Chemical Engineering

One of the reasons why it has constantly become the most popular program is because it teaches the student how to become a 'wizard'; you can create things that people want or need using chemical reactions. You will learn about structures and molecules, and how to "design" things that will be needed in many fields from agriculture to pharmaceuticals. This is a very challenging but interesting major with extensive career options.

  1. Nursing

This female-dominated major is a suitable choice for you, compassionate individuals with inquisitive curiosity. Courses include anatomy, chemistry, microbiology, nutrition, pharmacology, childcare and family nursing. After completing the program, you can take medical certification from accredited nursing program to become health practitioner or registered nurse. Job opportunities for nursing graduates are plentiful and well-varied, from neurology to senior care!