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This is How You Ace the UCAS Personal Statement

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January 25, 2023

The UCAS personal statement is one of the many requirements that you need to fulfill to complete your application. This document is obligatory. Therefore, you need to put your best effort into making sure that you create a wonderful personal statement.

What is a UCAS Personal Statement?

Personal statements are frequently required when applying for scholarships and graduate/professional schools. An undergraduate personal statement is an opportunity to showcase your special skills and experiences. It's a crucial step in the application process since it gives you a chance to discuss things other than your academic performance in school, such as your interests and passions.

How do You Prepare a Good Personal Statement?

You've probably heard the expression "preparation is crucial"—writing your personal statement is no exception. When planning, there are two things to keep in mind. Both the essential, factual information you must convey and the more vulnerable, personal aspects of your life that what set you apart from others.

Spend some time identifying the most important details about you that an admissions tutor should be aware of before you begin writing. Don't stress too much about making your notes perfect; instead, focus on making sure you understand why you should be given a spot.

To know what to include and what each university is searching for, you can also take a look at the course description.

What Makes a Good Personal Statement?

The best personal statements illustrate your skills through a narrative. Your personal statement needs to show your strength in every aspect.

  • Know your strengths. How can you contribute or be of value? Start by considering your positive experiences as proof of your strengths, and then get advice from those who know you the best. Many people discover they have talents that only their closest friends and family can see.
  • Know who they are. Utilize web searches, program descriptions, and email inquiries to learn more about the program(s) and institution(s) you are applying to. Consult academic advisors, graduate students, and professors.
  • Demonstrate to the university why you and the program you are applying for are a suitable fit.
  • Tell a narrative with examples to demonstrate your strengths. Do not simply write a first-person essay where each paragraph responds to the questions you are required to answer. 

The most important thing that you need to keep in mind is that a personal statement is a chance for you to sell yourself to the university. So, you do not need to be modest. Display all of your skills and achievements, but make sure you do not exaggerate them. If you have difficulties preparing a good UCAS personal statement, there are always people around you who can help you, such as your friends, family, and mentors.

Regardless of how challenging making a personal statement is, make sure that the university sees the best version of you. You need to prepare everything and pace your progress to give your best effort in making your personal statement.

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