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Medical Science: 5 Good Reasons To Study It Overseas

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November 07, 2022

  Study medical science Medical science tuition cost in Indonesia can be quite prohibitive. With limited facilities and accommodation, it often pushes most students to pursue this subject abroad. To help you make your decision, we have compiled some reasons to why you should consider studying medical science.

Medical Science makes real impacts on our lives

This is one of the subjects that has direct and real impacts on life: medical science put human-beings at its core. However, it is also one of the most challenging subjects to study. If you have strong empathy towards others, excel in math and science, and are passionate about improving our quality of healthcare services, this is the right option for you.

Study medical science means continuously evolving

Since medical science primarily studies human-beings that are highly dynamic, this subject continuously evolves. We can see it in our daily lives; in the last decades, some new diseases have emerged and medical science stands at the edge to provide solutions. These challenges will never stop and they push medical science, along with other subjects, to come up with the answers. If you are curious and thirst for knowledge, medical science will never bore you.


Similar to Business and Management, medical science is a universal subject, providing its graduates the flexibility of work. Whether you are graduated in the US or Europe, you can treat patients in Asia or Africa. There is a standardization in treatments and procedures but generally, this subject is well-accepted in every part of the world.

It encourages teamwork

Most professions in medical-related fields require not only excellent knowledge but also teamwork skills. Cooperation is a must and in most cases, it is nearly impossible to work alone. You will learn how to communicate with others, how to value your colleagues, how to make an urgent decision and how to transfer your knowledge and skills. If you are a lone wolf who prefers to do everything alone, this may not be the most suitable option for you.

There are plenty of good job opportunities

After you graduate, it is unlikely that you do not get a job. In fact, statistics worldwide have shown that we always need more doctors and medical practitioners. You can always work in hospitals, open your own clinic or take further specialization such as gynecologist or pediatricians. Going into this field could guarantee you not only a job but also a career.   Despite lots of benefits that it offers, most students find that medical science is not an easy subject. It studies human-beings, the most complex life forms ever existed. However, if you put your positive thinking hat, you will see that it is a very promising field and worth-pursuing. Consider the good and drawbacks before making a decision, ask for advice and suggestions from other people. Good luck!