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Study in US and UK: Here’s what you should know

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November 03, 2022

The decision whether to study in US and UK are something that people still find hard to compare. Both home to many top institutions, the United Kingdom and United States are two of the most popular study destinations for international students. Despite this, they are actually quite different in the education system. If you are an International Student wanting to know more about the differences, keep reading to find out!

Decide the Length of Time

Studying in the UK is considerably faster than studying in the US. A Bachelor's degree is completed in 3 years while in the States, it's usually 4. Moreover, it's not rare for undergraduate students who study in the UK to pursue a 4 year Master's degree while those studying in the US will have to go for another 2 years. 

Understand the Education Structures

Though both countries offer the range of majors that can accommodate each student's interests, how these courses are taught are a little bit different. In the UK, the course is taught in greater depth and specialisation which means that you'll only be studying the subjects related to your major. The US, however, offers more flexibility where students can take other subjects unrelated to their major. They also could graduate with a double major or a minor. 

In addition, the teaching styles in UK vs US universities are also different. Studying in a UK university bases the final grade on examination performance. US universities consider participation, group work, and assignments alongside the exam to evaluate your final grade.

Comparing the Costs 

Higher Education is definitely quite pricey, especially for international students. This means that understanding the costs is an important aspect when considering where to study. Generally, US universities are considerably more costly than studying in the UK. Keep in mind that aside from tuition fees, additional expenses must also be taken into account.

Similarly, studying in the UK also comes with price tags. Not only do you have to pay for the tuition, you must also take into account living expenses which could be more costly in the UK. Accommodation fees often include on-campus meal plans in the US, while in most UK universities, most students will have to order from restaurants or cook in their accommodation. 

Application Process 

Now that you know the differences about studying in the UK and US, it's time to delve into the application process. Not surprisingly, the application process to study in the UK and US are completely different. 

To apply to the UK, you must apply through the UCAS platform. They only allow students to apply to a maximum of 5 Universities/Programmes through the UCAS portal, so be aware of the offer requirements and remember to shortlist your university list to 5. 

If you're applying to the US, you have to complete your application through the Common App or the university's own website. You also need to submit a variety of official documents and essays. Because of this, applying to the US is much more complicated than applying to study in the UK. To read more about how to apply to US schools, read our article about Studying in the US.

These are some of the differences between studying in the UK and US. If you're still choosing between the two countries, make sure you consider these differences based on your preferences and plans. If you're confident that you want to study in either country, make sure you do further research!

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