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Student Project - Portable Solar Power Bank

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November 03, 2022

Wondering how to boost your innovation skills? Starting a student project can be a great way to start. From developing a growth mindset, integrating literacy and creativity, to managing obstacles, the benefits of starting a student project is limitless. While on the subject of student projects, let's learn more about PS2's project of Portable Solar Power Bank!


  • Rayandra Bharata Harun - Grade 11
  • Dylan Lim - Grade 12
  • Brandon Widodo - Grade 10
  • Darren Adrian - Grade 12


Project Type: Series B (6-9 months)

Backstory of the Student Project

Indonesia, being a tropical country, receives sunlight abundantly. In spite of this, this nation has not use solar energy as its primary energy source. Brandon, Darren, Dylan, and Rayandra saw this problem, and turned this into an opportunity. They planned on creating a project of transforming solar energy into a good help in our daily lives.

The Initiatives

Right at the start of the project, they already have two goals in mind: developing a useful solar-powered product and spreading awareness about renewable energy. 

The Product

In developing a useful product, they focused on their daily lives. Brandon, Darren, Dylan, and Rayandra landed on a portable solar power bank after several brainstorming sessions.

After months of development, their first prototype was successfully developed. Although it's a simple product, it's useful as it uses the sun to power the portable charger.

Towards fulfilling their second goal of spreading awareness, PS2 members make use of Instagram. Their Instagram page (@powerourfuture) serves two purposes: a precursor to their main product and spreading awareness regarding renewable energy, its implications, and its potential in Indonesia.

This is what PS2's product looks like:

Student Project
Student Project

Progress of PS2's student project

In the span of nine months, PS2 members have already developed a working prototype along with their ALL-in mentor, Nicholas. Additionally, they have launched an Instagram page and displayed their product at ALL-in's student club fair.

Future plans

In the future, the four teenagers are looking to raise funding through This will complement their future plan, which includes launching the device, and scaling up production of their portable solar power bank.

PS2's project of Portable Solar Power Bank is the winner of ALL-IN BEST PROJECT OF THE MONTH for December 2021 in the category of Series B Project!

Now let's hear what our judge, Eviana Misty (ALL-in mentor), says about PS2's outstanding project:

“We love that the vision & mission is clear, and the prototype already exists and there is a plan to scale up for PS2's future.”


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