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Student Project - Pedal Power Bicycle Generator

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November 03, 2022

Nowadays, students' learning processes have transitioned more into the "Do It Yourself (DIY)" mode. In doing so, students typically create their own student project. This allows them to bring theoretical concepts into life, which generates their creativity while also boosting their understanding of a topic. Let's take a look at Mellvin's project, Pedal Power Bicycle Generator, while we're on the subject of student projects!

Mellvin Chia - Grade 12 

Project Type: Series A (3- 6 month)


Mellvin realized that many activities are restricted due to the on-going pandemic. Keeping that in mind, more and more time will be spent in the comforts of his home. With limited body movement, Mellvin figured that regular exercise is needed in order to maintain his body in a good shape. 

What's more, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digitalization. As a result of this, energy will be needed more than ever. Instead of using non-renewable energy, Mellvin thought of generating and storing clean energy, especially in light of global warming concerns.

The Initiatives of the Student Project

In response to these problems, he created a project called Pedal Power Bicycle Generator. This bicycle project, with a vision of solving global warming as well as keeping a healthy body, converts the energy used from pedalling the bike into electrical energy. He can later use the energy to power anything from tablets, handphones, to a WiFi router. For instance, if a blackout occurs, Mellvin can still continue his online classes using the energy generated from his project.

Mellvin's project, with the support of his ALL-in mentor Nicholas, solved three problems all at once: keeping people fit during the pandemic, providing clean and renewable energy, and powering gadgets in case there's no electricity, all while addressing global warming concerns.

The Product

On building his electricity-generating bicycle that has been on-going for about 6 months, Mellvin uses a 2V alternator, 500W pure sine wave inverter, and a 12V battery.

This is what Mellvin's project looks like:

Student project


Future plans for Mellvin's Student Project

Mellvin realized that his project, while functional, has a size that is a little too long. He plans to redesign it to create a more compact and eco-friendly electricity-generating bicycle. Not just that, he also plans to do further research on determining the number of calories burnt on the monitor. 

Mellvin's project of Pedal Power Bicycle Generator is the winner of ALL-IN BEST PROJECT OF THE MONTH for December 2021 in the category of Series A Project!

Now let's hear what our judge, Eviana Misty (ALL-in mentor), says about Mellvin's innovative project:

“The project of making bicycles that can be converted to electrical energy actually works, and the evidence is clear. It also has the potential for further development and Mellvin already knows what is lacking & needs to be improved for this project.”


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