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Special Tips on Mastering Your SAT Test from ALL-in

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January 18, 2023

SAT test day is a big day for any aspiring student who wants to get into a top university. The reason is that the score is essential to maximize their chance of admission on the university application. Therefore, many students out there try their best to succeed either in terms of material readiness or mental preparation. Let's take a look at a few tips on how you can ace the SAT test below!

Plan an SAT Study Schedule

Even though it may seem obvious, studying for the SAT will increase your score. Many students finish their coursework by taking a few practice exams. However, a schedule might help you stay on course and make sure you constantly study.

Selecting an SAT test date is the first step in creating your study schedule. You can plan regular study sessions once you know when the exam will be given. Plan to spend at least two to three hours every week studying. You want to avoid being exhausted before the test day and keep the subject fresh in your mind.

Use Quality Prep Materials

The SAT study tools you choose can have an impact on both your score and how well-prepared you feel on test day.

Your first stop should be the College Board website. There, you may access practice questions, full-length sample exams, answer explanations, and advice in addition to downloading the free SAT Study Guide. A partner of the College Board, Khan Academy, also offers hundreds of official SAT practice questions and video explanations.

Increase Your Reading Speed

The ability to read questions accurately and rapidly is crucial on the SAT. You want to speed through the Reading section without missing any important details. You'll have more time to think about the answers if you read the questions and passages on the test more quickly.

You can improve your familiarity with the SAT question format and vocabulary by reading through and practicing sample SAT questions. You might also look at strategies for quickening your reading and comprehension. You may, for instance, practice word chunking or limit going back and rereading sentences.

Come to Test Day Prepared

If you can, get a good night's sleep and eat a healthy breakfast. Consider treating yourself to your preferred cup of coffee or tea to lift your spirits. Additionally, as the testing room might be either warm or chilly, it is better to wear layers of clothing.

A quick review of test-taking techniques or arithmetic concepts will help to jolt your memory. On the day of the test, though, try not to exhaust yourself by cramming in too much studying. Additionally, allow extra time to get to the exam venue in case of traffic or other delays.

Answer the Questions You Know First

Going through the current section of the SAT exam and answering all the questions you are familiar with first is a common test-taking technique. You'll have more time to work through the questions you're less sure about if you can answer the ones you know quickly.

In order to remember to return to a question later, mark it in your exam booklet if it takes you longer than a few minutes to grasp it.

You may notice that not everything is about the material or your study preparation. Your condition is also one of the main factors that will decide your end game. Therefore, you need to make sure to pace your study and balance it with rest.

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