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The SAT Myths: Unraveled

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November 07, 2022

Isurvey-opinion-research-voting-fill-159353f you are reading this article, chances are that you want to study in foreign university that requires SAT as part of its admission process.  Like the rest of the admission requirements, SAT test might seem terrifying. The good news is, you can tackle it with proper preparation.  In this article, we are discussing some SAT myths, which you might have heard before, and differentiating them with facts.

 Myth: Your SAT score is going to highly impact your chance to be admitted

Fact: Some students are too focused to get the highest SAT score possible that they forget other aspects. SAT is one of the criteria. It is important, but not the sole factor that determines your admission decision. Universities, especially the top-tiers, are looking for students with 3Ps (Passion, Purpose, Potential). This means you also need to develop other things such as a positive personal branding and abilities like organizational skills. Admission officers will look at your track record in high school and put them into consideration along with your SAT score.

 Myth: Only smart students can beat the SAT

Fact: This is obviously an erroneous idea. The goal of the SAT is to test your reasoning. This means no matter how vast your knowledge is, if you are still unable to think logically, you will still find the test hard. SAT has 3 sections: math, reading and writing (essay is optional) and it contains real-world-contextual questions, so regardless of your academic background, you could handle them and get a desirable score. Remember, preparation is the key!

 Myth: Since the essay part is optional, I could skip it!

Fact: It is true that you can opt out of the essay writing, but doing it will not harm your score either. Finishing the essay will help your admission instead – the admission officer will take it as a determining factor when decision-making is on the fence. It is also a safe choice because you would need to retake the entire test once again if eventually the university you apply to ask for the SAT essay as part of the requirements.

 Myth: I could prepare solely by studying from the SAT prep-books.

Fact: We agree that some SAT preparation books are really helpful. But there are also not-so-recommended books. Be careful when you pick the SAT books. Getting help from private tutors could boost your performance too, especially if your tutor can tailor the SAT drills according to your needs. Your tutor can also serve as a partner to discuss SAT questions and you can get personalized feedback – such things even the best books can't do J. We believe everyone is unique thus generalizing the learning process is inadequate.

 Myth: SAT preparation course is expensive!

Fact: It is unworthy to jeopardize your admission by taking "affordable" preparation course. You are almost done with high school, so you do not need to relearn everything for your SAT. The tests have recurring patterns so what you really need to learn is a working strategy to decode it – and a reputable SAT preparation course provider should arm you with it.

The point is, do not let the SAT scare you. Like we always say, starting early and good preparation are the keys! Equally important is that you should not settle with just a regular preparation, but a strategic and personal one. Our tutors in ALL-in Eduspace are all happy to provide you with everything you need to beat the SAT test!