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Profile Building, Why Is It Important?

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December 08, 2022

Since the beginning, students are always obliged to get perfect scores in their exams. That's why nowadays, having perfect scores on standardized tests and stellar grades alone are not the only important criteria to apply for overseas universities. The admission teams have taken a different approach to pick their applicants, which is by looking at their profile. Applicants are expected to have something that shows uniqueness to stand out among many applicants. This is why building your own profile is important. So, have you started on profile building yet?

What is Profile Building?

Profile building is a process of developing projects and skills that could be showcased on your CV. Every activity done to raise awareness of your expertise, skills, achievements, and commitment to advance your career and educational goals is a way to build your profile. 

Why is it important?

Building your profile is not something that you can do overnight. It requires a lot of exploration, time, and strategy to pour it down into an outstanding resume. 

New testing method

As students aim for outstanding academic performances, it is difficult to differentiate which candidates are the best fit for the program and university they're applying into. Therefore, having good grades sadly does not guarantee your admission. University admissions boards have their own new testing method through interviews to showcase your profile. Some are focusing on how you prove your creativity and leadership skills. Others are looking if you really have the interest in the field that you're applying into. 

Checking on commitment

It's important to make your interest and skills become something that could contribute to society. Your interests will not get the best exposure if it's only expressed through a hobby. Make it become your achievements by certifying them. Therefore, you can show your interest in a legitimate way that could help you land admissions on majors you favor. There are many activities that you can do to build your profile.


We always, always strongly suggest you to start building your profile as early as possible. Time waits for no one! You don't want to build your profile at the last minute and risk not having your profile strong and unique enough. 9th grade is the perfect time to start exploring your interests! Then you can start engaging in activities that suit your interests  throughout high school.

Activities for profile building


If you have a topic that catches your attention, take a step further to know more. Create a research project based on your interests. You can team up with friends that have the same passion as you and ask your teacher to guide you through the research. 

2. Internship

In high school, there is plenty of time to complete part-time at school and full-time internships on your holiday. Take advantage of this fact to create a resume, apply for a company and find an internship  that suits your area of ??interest. Not only will you build your profile, but you can also expand your network by doing internships!

3. Volunteering

In a 2018 survey of 264 US admission leaders, 58% of them said they agreed that, “A student's community service experience has a positive impact on his or her acceptance to our higher education institution.” Volunteering is important because it adds to the overall roundness and reflects your commitment to the community. It could also increase the chance of getting a scholarship!

4. Competition

By regularly joining competitions or even winning it, will help you create an excellent profile. This shows your beyond-academic abilities which admissions teams look for. Participation in competitions shows your skills in problem-solving, presentation, teamwork, and project management. 

5. Personal Project

There are plenty of activities to be done by yourself. You can develop a business plan, create software programs, launch a campaign, make products, and many more! You can showcase your project in a creative way to notice people while also building your presence. 

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