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Personal Branding Strategy: Perfecting Uni Application

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December 08, 2022

It's not all about high school transcripts, essays, or even interviews when it comes to applying to universities. At a time when students are competing for spots at the world's best universities, a personal brand is one of the most important elements. So, what is personal branding? And how can you convey your best self on paper? Let's dive deeper into personal branding strategy to boost your profile!

What is personal branding?

In simple words, personal branding refers to how you display yourself in the eyes of the public. In the case of a university application, admission officers are your audience. 

When applying to universities, you'll be up against hundreds or thousands of people, some of whom may share your interests. So, what makes you unique in terms of your background, accomplishments, and passion? And how can you make your uniqueness stand out? 

This Is Where Personal Branding Strategy Comes In

In terms of admission requirements, each university is different. Some may require a personal statement, while others may require essays, recommendation letters, or even videos. 

With all those documents being submitted, admission officers will go over the whole package—including your essays, personal statement, letter of recommendations, CV, high school transcripts—in one sitting to get to know you. 

That is to say before you begin working on your application, you should first develop a personal branding strategy. In your application, you want it to be an accurate reflection of yourself so that the admissions officer feels as if he or she has met you in person. 

Start by self-reflection 

Self-reflection lays a great foundation for a good application. Serving as your 'pre-writing' session, it shouldn't take a long time. You can simply sit down and brainstorm for five minutes. And then you can start building a brief outline of what you want your brand to be, which might include your experiences, perspectives, or perhaps goals for the future. 

Putting all the pieces together

In all of the documents, including the essays, it shouldn't feel as if one doesn't fit in with the rest or as if each one was written by a different person. You have to make sure they all make sense and don't contradict one another. Before accepting you into their university, admission officers want to get to know yourself holistically. They won't get a clear picture of who you are or what you would offer if everything seems to be all over the place. But of course, ensure there isn't too much overlap so that all the documents you've submitted highlight the different aspects of your uniqueness. 

So, have you started on your personal branding strategy? Remember, you want your personal brand to shine through in every document you've submitted!

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