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Letter of Recommendation for University: Your Go-to Guide

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December 08, 2022

With only a few years left in high school, understanding the application process brings you one step to your dream university. Throughout the application process, you'll commonly be required to get a letter of recommendation for university. What is it? 

Lucky for you, we'll find out what a letter of recommendation for university is, as well as a few tips to boost your chance of getting a strong letter of recommendation!

What is a Letter of Recommendation for University?

A letter of recommendation is a letter written by your high school teacher, or in some cases, guidance counselors, to describe you, your potential, as well as your personality. This gives admission officers a chance to know you holistically. 

While some activities, grades, and hobbies may be common among applications, letters of recommendation make you stand out by highlighting your key characteristics as well as what you offer to the table that no one else can. 

Tips When Asking for a Letter of Recommendation for University

Give Your Referee Enough Time

Keep in mind that teachers may be flooded with requests to write letters of recommendation, especially during the university application season. Therefore, it's best to ask them as early as possible, so they have enough time and attention to work on an accurate letter.

Provide Helpful Information to Your Referee

On top of handing out the format of the letter, deadlines, as well as the submission address to your referee, you can also include a brag sheet. It's a list that highlights your accomplishments and characteristics. Include the following:

  • Copies of personal statements or admission essays 
  • Community work or extracurricular activities 
  • Academic transcripts, test scores, and academic accomplishments
  • A brief description of your goals and aspirations for the program you're applying for 

Select The Best-suited Person to Write The Letter of Recommendation for University

If you're applying to an economics program, a business or economics teacher might be a better fit to be your referee. After all, the purpose of a letter of recommendation is for the admissions committee to understand better who you are and your skills. Hence it would be great to ask someone who knows you and your abilities well. In addition, you can ask teachers who have taught you recently. Preferably within the past two years, as their memories of you and your character are still fresh.

Set Up a Time to Communicate Your Desires

Instead of being passive and relying solely on their thoughts for your letter of recommendation. Try to discuss your academic interests, goals for the university, or even career aspirations with your referee. Not only can this help them to understand yourself more, but it also allows them to highlight your most relevant skills and ambitions in your letter of recommendation for university. 

Express Your Gratitude

Don't forget to write your referee a thank you note. This is including updates about your application to show your appreciation for their support. 

You might feel nervous, especially if this is your first time asking for a letter of recommendation for university. Nevertheless, once you have figured out the process, you'll be on your way to getting a strong letter of recommendation!

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