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Landing a Career in USA: Top 9 In-Demand Jobs

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November 03, 2022

Have you ever wondered if your dream job is listed at one of the in-demand career in USA? With the world in constant transition, jobs continue to fluctuate in and out of demand. The rise of AI, automation, and technology has both given rise to new jobs in growing industries, while also replacing a portion of manual labor.

In particular, the United States has seen a gradual shift towards more healthcare, technology, and service-driven careers. Some jobs, like Data Scientist are gaining much traction in the job market and are extremely popular. Others, like Mental Health Specialists, are more niche but growing in demand nonetheless. So what are the Top In-Demand Career in USA that will always be relevant in the future? 


In-home Caregiver 

As people move back to working from the office, the elderly at home will need someone to care for them. Especially in the US where 1 in 5 Americans are projected to be 65 years or older by 2030, in-home caregivers will step in as an in-demand career in USA. 

These caregivers specialize in non-medical, intensive in-home care for elders. They assist with daily living activities like housekeeping, medication, and meal preparation. However, these do not necessarily translate to medical services, differing from nursing and therapists. 

Employees are expected to have a Bachelor's degree, but there are no requirements on majors. The salary range tends to fluctuate around $65,300 - $106,000 for caregivers. It is dependent on experience, skillset, and whether one freelances or engages with an agency. 


Digital/Social Media Marketer

Especially with a growing digital audience, marketing becomes more competitive with global ad spending reaching $389 billion this year. This is why digital advertising will become a more sought out career in USA and around the world. 

Digital Marketers are usually in charge of multiple channels that advertise a company's product. They usually manage multiple marketing channels and sometimes will also take over public relations and analytics reporting responsibilities.

The salary range for digital marketers is $48,000 - $96,000. Although a digital marketer depends more on transferable skills and content ideation, a Bachelor's degree is a good credential to have when applying for this job, even if the major is unrelated to marketing. 

Nurse Practitioner 

The pandemic has increased the demand for nurse practitioners and medical professionals in general, as hospitals look to beef up their employment to withstand a higher concentration of patients. 

While nursing may sound like a relatively easier job than being a doctor, it is not really the truth. They still have plenty of responsibilities that make a doctor's life easier. These include taking a patient's history, diagnosing diseases, writing prescriptions, and assisting in some medical procedures. 

The salary range for nurse practitioners is easy $109,000 and above. However, a Master's degree in advanced nursing, a State license, and a national APRN certification are necessary for nurses to obtain before they can start working. 

Software Engineer

Aside from the digitization of advertisements and business opportunities, other fields are also eventually becoming more reliant on digital networks, computing systems, and new software. This is an especially exciting career in the US, where graduates can have the opportunity to work at Silicon Valley, the hub of technology and science in Northern California. 

These engineers branch off from the field of computer science to apply their knowledge of programming, computer operating systems, and engineering principles to develop and build computer system software and applications. Software engineers usually cater to a client's needs when developing software. They make sure to incorporate company values and culture into their work as well. 

The salary range for Software Engineers is about $98,000, but can increase depending on how big a client's budget is. Typically, software engineers study a mix of computer science, engineering, and business. 

UX Designer

The term UX is short for user experience and is particularly prevalent in web development or app development. This career only recently came around with the boom of smartphones and laptops but has been in demand ever since.

The responsibilities of a UX designer revolve around end-user experience. Designers want to ensure that the user of the software/app is utilizing the product by developers and the client's request. It is done through Design Thinking, market research, prototype testing, and other methods. 

Salary compensation for UX designers fluctuates around $80,000 to $103,000 depending on the size of the project and the impact of the software. Although UX degrees are not widespread yet, students can focus on learning about psychology, marketing, technology, and design to gain the necessary skills to become a UX designers. 

Genetic Counselor

The future of biotechnology and genetics in the US will grow by 26% through 2030. These careers aim to counsel individuals or families on inherited conditions, genetic disorders, and birth defects. 

Genetic counselors typically work at university medical centers, hospitals, diagnostic libraries, or physician offices. They might work with families, individuals, or partake in research and academia with other professionals. 

Typically, a Master's degree will be required to work as a certified counselor, along with appropriate national licenses and certifications. Possible majors to consider include Biology, Genetics, and Health Sciences. The average salary for genetic counselors is around $87,500 at an entry-level and could increase with work experience and promotional benefits. 

Data Analyst/Scientist

As industries spanning healthcare, finance, and education are all making use of more and more information, data is quickly becoming the world's most valuable currency.

Data Scientists usually make use of large, unstructured data sets to analyze, process, and model data and create actionable plans for organizations. Often they are tasked with communicating complex ideas in a business setting and advising data-driven organizational decisions. 

To become a Data Scientist, it is possible to pursue an undergraduate degree in either Computer Science, Data Science, Mathematics, Statistics, or a closely related field. Learning key skills such as being able to use Python or Azure and earning certifications can also advance a career in Data Science. On average, data scientists can earn anywhere from $70,000 to above $120,000 annually. 

Mental Health Specialist/Rehab/Occupation 

As the stigma of mental health is slowly being broken down, more people are coming out and admitting to having experienced some form of mental health problem in the past. In fact, 1 in 5 adults and 1 in 6 youths in the US suffer from mental disorders, a number that is seeing a positive uptrend in the coming decade. 

With more demand for mental health specialists, these careers in the US have grown. Also working in the medical field, these specialists focus on working with patients to diagnose and provide treatment and advice for a variety of mental disorders. 

A master's degree with more advanced training is usually required to become a credible mental health specialist, but generally studying toward an undergraduate degree in Psychology, Therapy, or Health Sciences could lead to a job in the mental health department. The average salary is about $50,000, but top earners can make up to $78,600. 


Cybersecurity analyst

Last but not least, cybersecurity. While often confused with AI or blockchain, cybersecurity is all about specializing in how to protect computer networks. In this day where data is an extremely relevant commodity, cybersecurity analysts demand are growing in the US. 

The main responsibilities of a cybersecurity analyst include protecting software and networks from cybercriminals, understanding, and monitoring company network and IT infrastructure, and evaluating potential threats to the network. 

To qualify for this job, students will typically graduate with a Degree in cybersecurity or Information Technology. The mean salary for cybersecurity analysts is roughly around $74,000 and can grow with promotion to senior positions. 

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