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How to Land a Job After Graduation

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December 08, 2022

After putting in the hard work and time needed to get a degree, the season to find a job that will make all those hours pay off has arrived. Finding a job in a competitive market is a significant transition that takes diligence and enthusiasm, and if you give out everything, you'll thank yourself later. The right job is out there waiting for you! Here are some takeaways to get yourself a job after graduation as soon as possible.

Learn how to ace an interview

It's never too early to work on your interview skills as interviews are so much more than your academic knowledge! You can run practice interviews with your friends, siblings or mentors to get yourself comfortable speaking as well as to improve your confidence. Another idea is to record your answer and then play it back to see what you look like and where you need to improve. 

Not only that, you can also familiarize yourself with the company by researching their background or checking their website. Learning about the company will help you prepare thoughtful answers, and show that you're invested not only in the job, but also in the company you're applying to.


Polish your skills

Undoubtedly, getting a degree boosts your job prospects, but it's not the only thing that sets you apart from others. As well as gearing yourself with general knowledge about your field, employers are looking for practical and transferable skills.

In your university days, there are things that you can do to develop and hone your non-academic skills to make yourself attractive to prospective employers. Here are a few ideas for non-academic activities that you can take part in:

  • Voluntary work / Community service - From volunteering at a local nursing home to working in a charity, helping others in your own time gives you work experience while also giving back to the local community. 
  • Event Organising - Whether it's a bake-sale or a campus halloween event, you can demonstrate organizational, time-management, and leadership skills while also having fun!
  • Governance/Student Body - Volunteering for student government exposes you to leadership and decision-making frameworks, as well as important actions such as campaigning, goal-setting, and representing people's interests.


Make yourself visible

If you haven't started networking, then what are you waiting for? According to a research conducted by LinkedIn, around 70% of positions are filled through solid connections, so ask around or talk to people about your professional interests, plans and aspirations as well as their advice and information on any job openings. You can schedule virtual appointments with individuals from your school, such as professors and career services professionals.

Remember that many students have graduated before you, and they will have felt just as anxious about leaving education and entering the professional world. With that in mind, take advantage of your university community or alumni groups and ask them all of your career-related questions! This way, getting a job after graduation will be way easier because of the power of a network.


Work on a stellar resume 

In today's competitive market of professional jobs, make sure you have an up-to-date resume. Your resume should not only displays all your achievements and experiences, but also what you can bring to the company. It's also worth noting that you can work on your profile on professional networking sites. You can use LinkedIn, or even build your own website.

Don't send the same resume to every job you apply for; instead, invest the time to research the company and the position you're applying for. Then, tailor your application to each one. A customised resume proves that you possess the skills the company seeks as well as reveals how you are a good fit for the position.


Remind yourself that getting into your dream university was not easy, but you achieved it. Bring back your hard work and determination as it will all be worth it!

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