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How To Get Into NYU: Admission Requirements You Must Know

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November 26, 2023

Are you a Swiftie dreaming of using the same purple toga as Taylor Swift? Or perhaps you’re an aspiring artist, innovator, or scholar drawn to New York University (NYU)’s rich tapestry of opportunities? Either way, NYU promises a transformative educational journey, set against the backdrop of New York’s endless possibilities. If you’re curious about the admission requirements to NYU, we’re here to navigate you thoroughly on what you need to fulfill the terms and conditions. 

Common Application Requirements

Applying to New York University is a journey that requires careful preparation and a clear understanding of the application process. Here's a breakdown of the critical components you'll need to prepare as part of your NYU application:

Letter of Recommendation

A strong letter of recommendation is a pivotal part of your NYU application. This letter should come from someone who knows you well and can speak to your academic abilities, character, and potential for success in a university setting. Ideally, this would be a teacher, counselor, or academic mentor who can provide detailed insights into your strengths and accomplishments. NYU values recommendations that highlight your intellectual curiosity, leadership qualities, and commitment to the community.

Statement of Purpose

Your statement of purpose is your opportunity to tell your story and express why you want to join the NYU community. This essay should reflect your personality, experiences, and aspirations, showcasing how they align with NYU's values and academic culture. Be sure to articulate your academic interests and how you plan to pursue them at NYU. This is your chance to stand out and make a compelling case for your admission, so make it count.

Transcripts and Degrees

NYU requires official transcripts from all secondary schools attended, as well as any post-secondary institutions if applicable. These documents provide a comprehensive overview of your academic history, including courses taken and grades earned. For students who have already completed degrees, official degree certificates must be submitted as part of the application. These transcripts and degrees help the admissions committee assess your academic preparation and potential for success at NYU.

English Language Proficiency Exam

For non-native English speakers, demonstrating proficiency in English is a must. NYU accepts scores from several English language proficiency exams, including the TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo English Test, and others. While each school has different requirements, this is what they generally accept:

  • 100 and above on the TOEFL iBT

  • 130 and above on the Duolingo English Test

  • 7.5 and above on the IELTS Academic

  • 70 and above on the PTE Academic

  • 191 and above on the Cambridge English Scale

  • 4.5 and above on the iTEP (C1 Advanced and C2 Mastery)

Other Important Admission Requirements

Other than the general Common App requirements, here are some more detailed explanations about the components of each requirement. 


NYU recommends a GPA between 3.5 and 4.0 to stand a strong chance in the selection process. The average GPA of accepted students hovers around 3.7, indicating a high level of academic achievement. Specifically, the 25th percentile of admitted students have at least a 3.5 GPA, while those in the 75th percentile boast GPAs of 3.9 or higher. This range underscores the importance of maintaining excellent grades throughout high school to enhance your application's appeal.

Standardized Testing

While NYU has adopted a test-optional policy, allowing students the flexibility to decide whether to submit SAT or ACT scores, standardized testing can still play a crucial role, especially for those whose GPAs might fall short of the recommended range. For applicants choosing to submit scores, performing above average can significantly bolster their application. The average ACT score among admitted students is 33, indicating that successful applicants often fall within the top percentile of test-takers nationally. The range of scores from the 25th to the 75th percentile (31 to 35) further suggests that higher scores can compensate for areas where an applicant's profile may be lacking.

High School Preparation

NYU expects applicants to have a solid foundation in core academic areas, recommending four years of English or Writing, three to four years of History or Social Studies, and three to four years of Mathematics. This rigorous high school curriculum is designed to prepare students for the academic challenges they will face in college, ensuring they possess the critical thinking and analytical skills necessary for success at NYU.

AP or IB Classes

Participating in Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) courses is another way to demonstrate your readiness for the demands of college-level coursework. Engaging in several AP or IB classes signals to admissions committees that you are not only prepared to handle rigorous academic challenges but also eager to explore subjects in depth. Excelling in these courses can further highlight your academic prowess, making your application more competitive.

In sum, NYU's admissions process is holistic, considering a range of factors from GPA and standardized test scores to the rigor of your high school coursework and your ability to excel in advanced classes. But it’s not completely impossible! Need help with getting into NYU? We can help you with that. 

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