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Golden Indonesia 2045: what to study to contribute?

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November 03, 2022

Golden indonesia 2045Thirty-one years from now, Indonesia is going to commemorate its 100th year of independence. Many have predicted that the anniversary will be a huge momentum for our country. According to the Indonesian Economic Forum, Indonesia will reach its golden era. The data from the Ministry of Finance has indicated that Indonesia possesses promising potential to become the world's seventh-largest global economy with an estimated income of $37,000 per capita at that time. A series of "good things" are predicted will come along such as better democratic stability and tech-savvy community.

Needless to say, such expectations are not going to happen without relentless support and commitment from every Indonesia citizen, including us. For those of you who are starting your undergraduate degree now, you will become future leaders and decision makers of our country. To play such important roles, taking initiative and solid preparation are key. We have listed some majors that could be influential in 2045.

  1. Computer and Tech-related major

Nowadays there are a great number of social media users in Indonesia. We could easily name numerous digital start-ups, from online transportation to on-call massage service. This indicates that Indonesia will become a tech-savvy country in the future – in fact, the world is becoming more and more digital every single day. Therefore, now is an excellent time to study majors such as computer science, information technology, interactive design, biotechnology or artificial intelligence.

  1. Healthcare and Medicine

Along with the improvement of our wealth, people are going to demand for qualified and better healthcare and medical service. It is going to become a lucrative field as Indonesia is one of the world's most populous countries. Occupations like doctors, surgeons, nurses and other medical practitioners will continue to be highly sought.

  1. Engineering

Every major progress starts with infrastructure and transportation development. Recently we have already witnessed how the government enthusiastically build new roads, harbours and airports in many cities in Indonesia. As a primary pillar of economic growth, such development will need massive human resources support. It means majors like civil engineering, urban planning, architecture, transportation management, maritime and aeronautical studies will contribute a lot later in 2045.

  1. Public Policy and Governance

As our country grows, it needs firmer and fairer governance. Although it sounds quite tedious, political studies will not only teach you how to become a legit decision maker, but also train you to think strategically and critically to provide the best solution for the country's problems.  If it is too mundane, you can try other complementary majors such as communication or management.

  1. Environmental sciences

Indonesia owns a tremendous amount of natural resources. Our government has been using them to motorize the nation's economy. In the future, their amount will decrease and without eco-oriented management, vanish. To accommodate these needs, majors in petroleum, forestry, precision production, conservation and business administration can be your choice of study now. The above majors are definitely promising. However, any study program that you choose will have positive contributions to the future of this nation in its own way. You can use this information as a guide to help you choose your major but always remember to pick the one that suits your interest best. Good luck!