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Frequently Asked Questions: Design Course

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November 07, 2022

In this article, we will address some questions that we have received regarding Design course. Design is a vast field which covers various specializations from fashion, graphic to industrial design. In most universities, these courses are grouped together within the same faculty - sometimes along with architecture. As technology advances, many new design-related specializations have emerged, such as user interface design, mobile application design, game design and environmental design.

  1. Drawing skill: Should I have it?

This could be the biggest nightmare for design-course applicants. Having a prior drawing skill is not essentially necessary. It could be a great help but that's about it. Depending on your specialization, not all design-course require an adequate drawing skill. In the early semesters of design study, students will be taught how to draw. Figure drawing will be taught for fashion students or technical drawing for industrial design students.

  1. I am color-blind. Can I enroll for a design course?

As colors play vital roles in design process, being a color-blind could be very challenging for you while studying design. Most design course require color-blind test for their applicants - however, this policy may be different, depending on the specialization. Ensure to check the program requirements first before you apply.

  1. Will I need a Macbook?

Macbook computers have been long associated with designers. And yes, they could be intimidating if you don't have one. However, computer is only a tool of creation for designers. In the 1900s when computers had not been invented, design pioneers did everything manually by hand - which in return, enhanced their handcraft abilities. A computer with adequate specifications to support design software such as the Adobes would be fine. It could be any brand as long as it works for you. Try to avoid using the hardcore, ultra-expensive computers as you may need to work using "standard" tools or even under-qualified ones at your workplace.

  1. I want to study this particular design course. Which one is the best design school that offer such course?

It is quite difficult to nominate top design schools amongst others as designers would mainly be judged based on their portfolio, abilities and experience instead of their alumnus. There are some good design schools such as Parsons, School of Visual Arts (SVA) or Savannah College of The Art (SCAD). Instead of looking for he "best" one, you should pick a design course that you can afford. The course should allow you to create as many qualified artworks as possible for your portfolio.

  1. I could not find a design course that suits my interest

Some design courses may be named differently across universities. User Interaction Design may also be known as Interaction Design, Interactive Design, Interactive Technology Communication, Mobile Application Design or Human-Computer Interaction. Some courses could also be not found under arts and design faculty. Instead, they may be put under Faculty of Information Technology or Computer Science. Even if a university has a design faculty, it may not offer all design courses. In fact, most generally provide two to four specialized design courses. Use key words and read the course curriculum to find the right course for you instead of using the full title—less specific is better in this case.

  1. Is design a promising field?

What you need to know before attending design school is that designers are valued based on their skills and experience. Most design job opportunities require a portfolio showcase or a certain years of design-job experience. The focus of your study should be to learn as much design skills as possible and establish a legit portfolio. Some great designers did not attend design school, but managed to get high-paid job and top-notch clienteles thanks to their engaging portfolio and years of design experience.