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Why Finland Is Said to Have the Best Education System?

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November 04, 2022

FINLANDAn insight into the best education system.

In our previous article we discussed some American universities and their rankings worldwide. If you think that the US has the best education system in the world – think again. America, together with the UK and Australia have consistently considered as the most attractive study destinations thanks to plenty of top universities that they host. However, their education systems are still considered lagging behind one Scandinavian country: Finland. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we mention Finland? Moose? Eternal snow? Well, it is more than just long-lasting chills or furry animals or high standard of living. In the past decade, it is crowned as the most literate country. Over 98% of its population are able to read and have access to higher education. It is also improving its math and science literacy significantly. Howard Gardner, a professor of education from Harvard University, once advised that the Americans should learn from the Finnish: they have the most effective education system. Effective, that is the keyword.

Several analyses have unveiled the reasons to why students in Finland excel far better than those from other countries.

First, children do not receive formal education (school) until the age 7. This allows children to enjoy their childhood completely, instead of struggling with how to memorize the alphabets or perform basic maths like most children do in other country. It creates a “stress-free” environment which boosts children's ability to absorb new knowledge. School regulations are also designed to foster this environment. School mandates 15 minutes break every hour of study, every day. Outdoor activities such as field trips or games are also part of the teaching method. These options have created such comfortable environments. Students do not feel like they are merely studying, but also having fun in the process. Second is the evaluation method. Students are not accessed by paper-based test like in most schools in other countries. Their acknowledgement is monitored and evaluated based on their daily performance in classes or other study activities. This is another reason why teachers play vital role in Finland's education. They act as the 'accommodator' of knowledge, not the sole source of knowledge. It is not an easy job to become a teacher in Finland – only the top 10% of national graduates with Master degree can apply as a teacher. The same methods are also applied in their higher education system, such as in universities. Students are encouraged to look for practical solutions. Finland boldly supports equality in education. This is why you would not find rankings, standardized-exams or comparisons between students in this country. Everything is personally evaluated. If you struggle to keep up, you are welcome to ask for assistance from your teacher. If one method failed, the teacher will consult with his / her colleagues, and design another method that may work. Students are the center of Finland's education system, not the education itself.

Finland has put a lot of hard-work to reach this great result. Their methods may not be suitable for other countries, but one thing that we can learn from Finland is that education is supposed to be enjoyable, not stressful. Study should be engaging and enlightening.