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Experience Excellence at the University of British Columbia and Shape Your Journey

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August 06, 2023

Choosing the right university for a transformative education and impactful career can be challenging. How do you ensure you're not just another graduate, but someone who makes a real difference in the world? Introducing the University of British Columbia (UBC), a globally renowned institution that has been shaping trailblazers since its establishment in 1915. UBC stands as a beacon for those driven by curiosity, determination, and a vision for positive change. Let’s find out more about the university below!

University of British Columbia Profile 

UBC is widely recognized globally for its outstanding teaching and research, as well as its significant impact on the world. Since its establishment in 1915, UBC has been providing opportunities for individuals who possess curiosity, determination, and a vision to create a better world.

With a student body of over 68,000 from Canada and more than 140 countries, UBC attracts, supports, and motivates learners from diverse backgrounds. The extensive alumni network of UBC comprises over 370,000 individuals hailing from 148 countries. Among its accomplished alumni are 8 Nobel Laureates, 71 Rhodes Scholars, and even three former Canadian prime ministers.

UBC's main campuses are located in Vancouver, a major cultural and economic hub in the region, and Kelowna, a city situated near Okanagan Lake in southern British Columbia. Additionally, UBC Robson Square functions as a vibrant educational center in downtown Vancouver; the UBC Learning Exchange engages with the community in the Downtown Eastside; and the UBC Center for Digital Media at the Great Northern Way Campus is based in Mount Pleasant. Furthermore, UBC provides medical education across more than 80 training sites throughout British Columbia.

Notable Alumni

UBC graduates achieve remarkable and transformative feats. Earning a degree from one of the top 40 universities worldwide comes with a special prestige that unlocks incredible chances for growth and success.

Here are a few examples:

Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister of Canada)

Justin Trudeau continued his family's legacy by entering the world of politics, just like his father. He further mirrored his father's path when he assumed the role of the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada in 2015. Trudeau completed his Bachelor of Education degree at UBC in 1998 and worked as a teacher in Vancouver, BC, focusing on teaching French and math. As time went on, he gradually became more engaged in politics during the early 2000s. In 2008, he secured a position as a Member of Parliament (MP) for the Liberal Party and progressed to lead the party in 2013.

Bjarni Tryggvason (Astronaut | Canadian Space Agency)

Bjarni Tryggvason, a UBC graduate, holds the distinction of being the only alumnus to journey beyond our planet. He accomplished this feat in 1997 when he joined the crew of the Discovery space shuttle for mission STS-85. During the 12-day mission, the team explored changes occurring in the Earth's atmosphere. Onboard the shuttle, Tryggvason conducted experiments related to fluid dynamics, aiming to understand how sensitive spacecraft are to vibrations.

Tryggvason completed his studies at UBC in 1972, earning a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Engineering Physics. Alongside his remarkable 21-year tenure at the Canadian Space Agency, he has also contributed as an adjunct professor at the University of Western Ontario, a research associate with the National Research Council Canada, and an instructor with the International Test Pilots School.

In a world filled with possibilities, UBC stands as a gateway to remarkable opportunities and limitless potential. With a rich history dating back to 1915, UBC has been nurturing individuals who dare to dream big, think differently, and lead with purpose. From its diverse student body to its global network of accomplished alumni, UBC is a place where innovation, impact, and excellence converge.

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