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Dare to Dream Video Competition 2018

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November 05, 2022

In this competition, we encourage you to share your dream in a short, 1-minute video with the theme "Dare To Dream". Tell your journey, your hard work in reaching a dream and how you plan to make your dream happen. This competition is open for high school (SMA/ SMK) students only. General requirements:

  1. High school students (SMA/SMK).
  2. Each video is created by one participant.
  3. You must follow ALL-in Eduspace Instagram account (@allineduspace), like our Facebook page: ALL-in Eduspace and repost Dare to Dream Video Competition post on your Instagram. The post is available in our Instagram profile page. Don't forget to tag @allineduspace and add hashtags/tagline “it's #allinyourdream if you don't #daretogoallout”
  4. Register by “Dare to Dream Video Competition” Form before 28 October 2018. Registration link:

Video submitted according to the following provisions:

  • The title matches with the theme
  • The video must be in English
  • The video tells about your journey, your hard work in achieving dreams and how you plan to realize your dreams.
  • The video duration maximum 1 minute.
  • Free in creating the video (collection of photos, stop motion, real video, a collection of videos, etc.)
  • Put your title on the opening video, and put ALL-in logo, your name and hashtags “it's #allinyourdream if you don't #daretogoallout” at the closing of the video.

Send your video before 28 October 2018 by email with subject TITLE OF VIDEO_YOUR NAME_Dare to Dream Video Competition 2018 to Prizes Competition Prizes

  1. The First Winner : Rp 3,500,000,- + Certificate
  2. The Second Winner : Rp 2,500,000,- + Certificate
  3. All participants will receive e-Certificates of participation

The announcement of the winner on 16 November 2018.   You must upload the certificate on Instagram with your best caption and hashtag #allinyourdream #daretogoallout and don't forget to tag ALL-in Eduspace Instagram account (@allineduspace) If you have any questions, you can contact: E-mail : WA :+62 818 0808 1363