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College Application Profile: Tips and Tricks ?

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December 08, 2022

By: Calysta Tesiman

College application profile is something that you need to pay attention as stellar grades won't be the only way to be accepted into top universities. As the years go by, the number of college applications multiply which makes admission to selective universities more difficult. With acceptance rates of many top universities shrinking into single digits, it's important to craft a strong college application profile which can boost your chances of getting admitted. Keep reading to find out how you can craft a strong college application profile to reach your dream university!

Keep those grades up!

In a gist, Your College Application profile highlights your academic capabilities to pursue further education. That's why almost all universities require you to submit your high school transcript. Having good grades is extremely important, especially if you're applying to top universities as most of the other applicants have excellent academic performance. Having poor academic performance would really jeopardize your application and have it sent to the “Reject” pile. 

Craft your Unique Selling Point (a.k.a Your Personal Brand)

A Personal Brand is defined as 2-3 sentences about yourself that you'd like the admission committee to remember about you. It is actually one of the most important aspects of your college application profile. A Personal Brand should reflect your own academic interest as well as your personal qualities. To build a good Personal Brand, you should really explore your interests and step out of your comfort zone. You can join (or even better: lead!) clubs, internships, competitions, and volunteering. These could help you decide what your interests are. Remember that your Personal Brand should be unique to YOU, so make sure you take time to really explore your interests.

Go for the Extra Mile 

As the numbers of applicants with stellar grades and varied extracurriculars increase, it's important to stand out by “running the extra mile”. If you've joined competitions, work hard to achieve significant accomplishments in them. If you want to excel in your admission interviews, read books, do online courses and try to form your own educated opinions after you've learned something new. These are some of the infinite ways you can show to your admissions officer that you are resourceful and will go beyond what is expected. 

Write a killer essay

Your admission essay/personal statement is just as important as your grades as an essay lets you highlight your personality and values. Admission officers want to know that you are not a two dimensional applicant who just studies. They need to know a complex character who cares about their community and has niche interests. Though essay writing may not be everybody's forte, remember that there is no such thing as the perfect essay. You can always write it closer to perfection by starting as early as possible. Don't do it last minute, instead spend some time thinking about how to express yourself best. 

Connect with alumni and professors 

Though this isn't as important as the other aspects, it's still great if you can reach out to alumni and professors. Reaching out to people will not only expand your network, but it will also access resources or advice from people within your dream institution. Moreover, connecting with professors from your dream university may even improve your chances of being accepted. 

Be Yourself 

Lastly, and most importantly, be yourself. The best version of you is the version you embrace wholly and are proud of. Don't try to follow what your peers are doing instead do things because you like it. Don't force yourself to study a subject if you hate it. Instead, focus on the subjects you enjoy and do well in them. Not being yourself will reflect as a lack of passion in your college application profile, which diminishes the confidence of admission officers to accept you.

These are just a few tips on how to craft a strong college application profile. Ready to maximize your chance of admission to your dream university? Let's strategize your admissions with ALL-in Eduspace!

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