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Admission Season: The Checklist for US Universities

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November 07, 2022

The admission season for those who plan to study abroad this year is here. Especially for those who want to study in the US, we have listed some things to help you with your preparation. The things in this list are the basic, so make sure you have them all ticked!

The SAT or ACT

It is almost impossible to apply to US universities through a direct route, especially for the undergraduate course, if you have not completed the SAT or ACT test. Students generally admit that it is one of the most challenging processes of the admission, so we suggest you to handle this first. For those who have taken this year's SAT or ACT tests, make sure you have the required score for your admission.

Universities shortlist

Shortlist the universities that you are going to apply to as early as possible. You can apply to as many universities as you want, but we recommend enlisting at least 7 options. Once you received a good SAT / ACT score, you will be more confident to aim for universities such as the Ivy Leagues.

The documents

Another admission requirement that can confuse you. Each university may require different or additional documents but generally, they request for your academic record, SAT or ACT score, TOEFL / IELTS score, CV, and essays. For the general documents such as academic record and CV, you may use one for several applications. For your essays, however, we strongly recommend that you write them separately for each application to fit the criteria of each university.

The interview

Not all applicants will be shortlisted for interviews. If you are not invited for an interview, do not panic. It could be because they do not have enough interviewers to speak with everyone. If you are invited, make sure that you give a great impression! For a successful interview, proper preparation is the key. With the help of a mentor, you can learn some useful tips and tricks on how to survive the interview. It is one of the most essential parts of the admission and sometimes, the decisive one so once you passed the interview, you have a bigger chance to get accepted to that university.


When everything is settled, now is time to manage the legal documents. Applying for the student visa may sound petty especially after you passed the other previous stages. However, be careful not to underestimate the visa application process. Read all the instructions carefully and fulfill all the requirements to ensure your legal permission to live abroad and study in your dream university.

Accommodation and settlement

Finding a good place to stay in Jakarta is hard, let alone finding one in a foreign country. Get yourself used to lease rules if you are going to rent a room outside campus and get familiarized with leasing glossaries such as deposit, excess wear, tear, or termination. It is better to have someone who is familiar with leasing to assist you in finding the perfect accommodation.  If you are going to stay in the university dormitory, things may be slightly easier.

Psychological concern: are you ready?

Most students who plan to study abroad may have skipped this point, especially once they are drowned in the euphoria of being accepted in their dream university. Good mental preparation is vital in supporting your study. Research has found that students may face psychological challenges during the first few months of their study, such as loneliness and depression. Seek mental and spiritual help to prepare yourself for the journey; once you are settled in mentally, you are ready to go!