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The basic question: why study abroad?

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November 07, 2022

uni As interesting as it sounds, studying abroad could be a challenging option. We call it challenging because it requires a lot, from mental and intellectual preparation to strong financial support. It may not be for everyone, but anyone with proper determination can certainly make it. However, some of you may still have doubts about going abroad for study.  There are already some good universities in Indonesia, providing qualified programs and they are more affordable. You do not have to travel thousands of miles only to reach the campus, or master a new foreign language to attend the class. In this article we are addressing the big question: why study abroad? What will it give you? Below we have listed some reasons which hopefully can help you make decision.

  1. More support system

Every stage of education will expand your knowledge. Regardless of whether you are studying in Indonesia or abroad, you will certainly experience this. But the best learning process must also be supported by extensive facilities. Such supports are still fairly limited in our country – especially if you plan to pursue advance program like nanotechnology. Some foreign universities like those in the US provide their students with world-class (sometimes even world's best) research facilities. Study at such university will give you a rare support that you will always be grateful for.

  1. Hone your foreign language skill

If you ask us the best way to master Chinese language, we will certainly suggest that you take a language course directly in China. In terms of language learning, direct exposure to the native-speaker community will give you the best result. This is what you will get in addition to your study in a foreign country – you have higher probability to master a new language faster and more effectively.

  1. Personal development

To live in a brand-new environment is sometimes intimidating – you may feel homesick quite often in the beginning. We get it, there is no place like home. But staying in a comfort zone will not help you grow personally, taking on challenges will. Study abroad will help cultivate yourself, for example it will bring your independent nature, problem solving skill and open-mindedness towards diversity.  You will be surprised to see how much you have grown after finishing your study.

  1. Career Opportunities

Being an alumnus of a foreign university can boost your CV, making you stand out from the crowd during job hunting. In fact, some companies specifically seek for employees with international background.  With appropriate arrangement, you can also work in your host country or continue to graduate study. The options are limitless.

  1. Growing your social network

Most people will agree that having a vast social connection is beneficial. In foreign university, you will make friends with other people from various nationalities and cultural background. It is a good chance for you to polish your social skills and establish new connections with your fellows. Who knows that one of your foreign friends can help you in your future career?

In the end, study abroad is a good investment for you. Do not be discouraged if money is an issue for you, there are plenty of scholarships available. We encourage you to prepare yourself to the best and take this opportunity as soon as possible; you will never regret it.