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ALL-in Internship Program

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March 21, 2023

For those of you who follow our Instagram account or have been receiving our monthly newsletter, you may be familiar with our recently launched Internship Program. As we have informed before, an internship is one way to improve your personal brand and resume to better your chances of getting accepted by your dream university or your dream job. 

In this program, you will work alongside professionals from various industries and explore your career interests. Click here to see the companies you can apply to in this internship program.

We also collaborate with MAP Retail Academy in executing an optional pre-professional workshop, with the objectives of completing an early preparation for students to be able to compete in the career world as well as the workplace they select in the future. 

We are already accepting applications since February 15th and the last application acceptance would be on 31st of March 2020. However, for the students who want to join the pre-professional workshop with MAP Retail Academy, the last acceptance will be on March 5th, 2020.

So, how do you start applying? Let's check out this step-by-step guide to ALL-in Internship Program:

  1. First, determine which company and field you want to work in from the list of companies we updated. Type the company name and the field as the subject of e-mail you will send to us (e.g. Astra International – Finance).
  2. Attach your prepared CV and cover letter in the e-mail, and send it to
  3. The selection process will start in April 2020. After reviewing CVs and cover letters, we will contact the candidates for an interview with us. The candidates will also undergo an interview with the company and complete other requirements arranged by the said company.
  4. After the admittance notification, the accepted candidates must attend a mandatory orientation workshop in May 2020.

In the mandatory orientation workshop, the candidates will learn about:
• The ABC of Business Netiquette (Attitude, Behaviour, Competence)
• Workplace communication: Verbal, Non-verbal, and Para verbal
• The personal touch
• Social business etiquette: online and offline

If you are confused about how to start writing your CV and cover letter, we have samples you can use as references.

Click here to see our CV sample.

Click here to see our cover letter sample.

Good luck! #TakeOnYourFuture from now, and don't forget #itsALLINtheprep !