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November 03, 2022

ALL-in notices the creative minds of their mentees. To celebrate their creativity, the ALL-in Innovative Scholar Award was introduced. Moreover, this award allows ALL-in mentees to showcase their projects in line with their passion and help them build their brand. Here we have the winner of ALL-in Innovative Scholar Awards, Laurentia. Let's check out the Eco Enzyme project below!

The Background 

Laurentia has a vision of bringing organic waste management closer to our daily lives. Therefore, with the belief that nature is a human responsibility, she plans on educating the public on eco enzymes and their benefits for the environment.

The Initiatives 

To get started, Laurentia conducted comprehensive research on eco enzymes. This is including what they are, the different types of eco enzymes, their benefits, and how they are made. Furthermore, She made her batch of eco enzyme samples using organic waste materials. After successfully creating her samples, Laurentia packed them into spray bottles and distributed them. 

Laurentia also started a social media account to reach a greater audience where she shares content about eco enzymes. She takes the time to show how it's made and its uses and benefits. All these efforts align with her aim of educating the public and inspiring them to make sustainable changes. 

The Product 

In the first 6 months, Laurentia has expanded her team by recruiting three new members. Along with her newly-expanded team, she has taken her project to a new level: Laurentia has started promoting the product through the aforementioned social media account and webinars. 

For the past few months, Laurentia and her team have reached out to local eco-enzyme communities. Not only that, but she has also upgraded the social media account by uploading eco enzyme news updates. 

The Future Plan

After expanding her team, Laurentia plans to build a connection with more eco enzyme communities. Also, she conducts a campaign about eco enzymes to reach a more significant number of people.

Judge's Comment

'Aside from being eco-friendly, the product has many uses, one of which is disinfecting surfaces. Laurencia has also carefully executed her project, starting with the creation of the brand. Then, she decide on the distribution channel. Lastly, she started a social media account for the project. She not only started her project in order to sell her eco enzymes, but also to educate people about it through social media.' 

Making eco enzyme means that we reuse some of our organic waste and use it for our other needs. Therefore, Laurentia put her passion and knowledge to educate many people about the benefits of Eco Enzym. Armed with this knowledge, we believe that the community will be able to live a healthy and wasteless life.

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