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All About The University of Oxford

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October 27, 2022

According to the QS World University Ranking 2022, the University of Oxford is placed number 2 in the world. Furthermore, as one of the most prestigious universities in the world, Oxford will provide you with a lot of opportunities to maximize your potential. Curious? Therefore, let's find out all the aspects below.

The University of Oxford is an English higher education institution located in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, and is one of the world's major universities. Moreover, it is located 50 miles (80 kilometers) north-northwest of London, along the upper course of the River Thames (dubbed the Isis by Oxford students).

Oxford had schools by the early 12th century, according to a smattering of evidence. By the end of the century, the university had grown to prominence, possibly as a result of the expulsion of English students from the University of Paris in 1167. Furthermore, with original faculties of theology, law, medicine, and the liberal arts, Oxford was modeled after the University of Paris.

Top Majors at the University of Oxford

University of Oxford has a lot of popular majors. Also, these majors are placed in the top 10 of the best in the world according to USnews. Here is the list of the top majors at the University of Oxford:

Philosophy and Theology

Philosophy develops analytical rigor as well as the ability to critically evaluate and reason logically. It enables you to apply these skills to a wide range of contemporary and historical schools of thought and individual thinkers, as well as to questions ranging from how we acquire knowledge and make moral judgments to central questions in religious philosophy, such as the existence and nature of God, and the relevance of religion to human life.

Modern Languages

Modern Languages provides both practical training in written and spoken language as well as a thorough introduction to European literature and thinking. You can study a wide range of literature or focus your studies on any time from the medieval to the current day, in addition to learning to write and speak the language(s) fluently. Other courses such as linguistics, philology, film, or gender studies, as well as advanced translation (in French and German) are available.


Geography is an interdisciplinary degree that combines the natural and social sciences. Furthermore, this enhances a wide range of transferable skills and provides an education that covers important concerns on a variety of scales, from local to global. Moreover, there are a lot of themes that you can learn like climate and environmental change, inequality, social, economic, and cultural transition.

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University of Oxford Acceptance Rate

The undergraduate admittance rate at Oxford is around 17%. Furthermore, to put this figure in context, the UK accounts for around 80% of undergraduates and 36% of graduate students. Oxford is highly competitive, but not quite as rigorous as Harvard, Columbia, or Yale, which all have acceptance rates of roughly 5%. Oxford's admission percentage, on the other hand, is slightly lower than Cambridge's (21%). Despite this, both Oxford and Cambridge get upwards of 20,000 undergraduate applications per year from both within the United Kingdom and internationally.

How do you apply to the University of Oxford?

The application process in the UK is a little bit different compared to the US. This is due to all universities in the UK using one system called the UCAS to handle the applications. Moreover, UCAS is the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service which acts as an application portal for students from around the globe.

Below are the deadlines for the University of Oxford application process.

Application Timeline Dates
UCAS Application June - October
Test November 2022
Written Work Submission (If needed) October - November 2022
Interview November 2022
Decision January Next Year

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If you are an independent and ambitious student who thrives in academically challenging environments. Therefore, Oxford may just be perfect for you. Also, acceptance is very selective for this school and to get in, you need high grades, standardized test scores, and extracurricular activities. Furthermore, this highly selective school looks for students that are independent, willing to work hard and maximise their college experience. Moreover, Oxford is one of the leading schools in the world and can provide you with a great education. This makes it worth your while to apply.

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