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Admission Essay for University in Asia Tips & Trick!

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November 03, 2022

It's time for the start of your new academic year! Which means, you're one step closer to your university admissions. If you are preparing to study abroad, it's important for you to showcase your unique brand and achievements through your personal essay and outshine your competitors. If you are applying to Asian universities and still not sure how to start your admission essay, keep on reading to find useful tips to help you ace your admission essay for university!

Admission essay for university, why is it important?

Universities from different countries have different admission requirements, although your overall objective for your application is to be unique and to stand out from hundreds of competitors from all over the world. One of the main ways for you to do that is through your personal statement. 

Asian universities' requirements regarding their admission essays do not have a big difference when you're applying to other countries. Their main goal is always to be able to see who you are as a person and if you are the right fit for their university. However, as each university has different aims in picking their candidates. It is critical for you to tailor your personal statement to the university you are applying to. 

As an example, each application requirement in Singapore is different. One university may ask you to write a Statement of Purpose, another may ask you to write short essays as part of your application. To make sure that you are all prepared to ace your essay, here are a few tips to help you write a good essay:

Plan your essay well in advance

Create a rough skeleton for the essay and jot down important details that you can include in your essay. This includes your background, significant experiences and achievements, reason of taking this course and choosing the university. 

Show who you are

The essay has to be highly tailored to fit in how your unique experiences have shaped you and your interests. You should be able to specifically address why your interests lie where they are. This can be done through an anecdote. It could also be your motivations and feelings about a certain topic.

Being honest goes a long way

Mention your achievements and strengths in your voice and it is okay to not be overly positive. You can mention your setbacks and analyze how those situations have helped you grow as a person. 

Be clear

Next, always make sure that you don't overcomplicate your sentences. Your personal statement must be clear, coherent and succinct. 

Check and recheck!

Proofread your essay as many times as possible. Look for grammatical errors, sentence semantics and wordplay. And keep in mind the word count, to not exceed it. 

Knowing that Asian universities have very high standards and pay great attention towards your scores, your essay will speak volumes about you as an individual. It is the most qualitative piece in your application, giving it a human touch to all the numbers and scores. Make the most of your personal statement to showcase your voice in your application. 

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