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5 Years of Top University Preparation

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November 03, 2022

What alumni wish they'd known before they apply for university?

It's the fact that university preparation takes not 2 - 3 years during your final high school days, but 5 years.

How so?
Before deciding which university you want to go to, you need to have some ideas on which career paths you want to pursue. Hence, self-exploration is necessary to discover what you like, your strength, and how to balance the two. 

And it comes as a trial & error process that takes years. 

On top of that, universities will assess your potential and skills through your activities. That means you have to build your CV and tailor it to match the university requirements while expressing your interests at the same time. 

And don't forget writing skills -- the most underrated skills that all of us should possess. Because, from expressing your ideas in class assignments to applying for university, you need to write your way into success. 

Want to find out more about the 5-year path? 

Tune in to our November Event to discuss and work on the essentials of your university preparation, from the admission requirements, CV & portfolio building, industry skills you need to obtain, and the sharing session from TOP University students.

We'll be accompanied by ALL-in mentors, industry experts, and existing top university students as speakers in this November Event series! Sign up now and walk the 5-year path with us!

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See you then!

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