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Our Program

Our program consist of personalized and hands-on mentoring, courses, and experiential learning to meet the requirements of university application as well as enhance students’ personal brand.

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EduALL 4 pillars

Admission Mentoring

  • Undergraduate Admission Mentoring

  • Graduate Admission Mentoring

  • University Transfer Admission Mentoring


Personalized 1-on-1 mentoring service that will serve as a holistic academic and non-academic walk-through to help you get into your dream universities.

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Passion Project Mentoring Program

  • Entrepreneurship Mentoring Program

  • Scientific Research Mentoring Program


Explore your true potential in business or research, uncover your true self, and be the person behind successful ventures and revolutionary inventions.

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Academic & Test Preparation

  • Academic Tutoring

  • IB Extended Essay Coaching

  • SAT Prep Class


Build the academic foundation for your top university application success with our tried-and-tested method to boost your transcript and standardized test scores.

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